20 February 2009

Fun Stuff

***Thank goodness it is Friday!! I am not sure why this week seemed so long :) Fortunately, I absolutely love my job. For those of you new friends who are reading my blog, I am an elementary art teacher!! LOVES! Usually I am so excited for Fridays because Adam (my fiance who lives 4 hours away) drives in to spend the weekend with me. This weekend I don't get to see him until tomorrow :( I am actually really excited for him because some of the guys he works with are taking him out for a bachelor party and that should be really fun for him. All of his friends and family are in Mass so I am glad he has his work buddies tonight :) Speaking of parties...my sister is throwing me a bachelorette party tomorrow night!! So psyched :) I'm not much of a going out party girl anymore so we are doing dinner and then the City Museum!! The city museum is amazing! my favorite part is the vintage black and white photo booth that they have there. I'm obsessed with photo booths by the way! So yes, this weekend should be a lot of fun. On Sunday, Adam and I have our very last marriage class before the big day! INSANE!!!
**Next fun thing. Here is my Sketch #9. (Do you like how I feel comfortable enough now to call them sketches :) hahaha). Here was the prompt:
"I was thinking about things that I would like to make with my sewing machine one day... and patchwork pillows came to mind. So I decided to sketch a patchwork pattern... if you could design your own cushion, what would it look like?"

I would design a patchwork treasure map. Each dash, a different patterned fabric. The water would be a patterned fabric with mostly blues and the forest the same with mostly greens. I actually, really want to make it right NOW!
*** Fun thing number three: here is my third project for the Pretty online class: My felt tee pee village:

I made these really quickly during my lunch at school today. I usually share my lunch with another teacher, 2 fifth grade boys, 2 fifth grade girls, and a third grade girl. It's like an art club. Well, I was making these tee pees, as I ate, and out of some weird coincidence one of the boys had plastic Native Americans in his classroom and the other boy had these tiny plastic firemen in his backpack. (Weird!) So, yes there are fire men on patrol in my village, just in case :) I am in love with these tee pees. I am definitely making more. Rachel even suggested making a his and hers and I love it!!
** Fun to the fourth power: My blanket that I made. I am finally posting pictures :)

I absolutely adore this blanket. I sewed a bunch of different fabrics together for the back and then I used an orange for the solid side. I stitched an "x-marks the spot" pattern on it with embroidery thread to hold it all together. (Unfortunately, the pictures I have on my computer of from before the "x-marks the spot" pattern). Amazing. There is a little chihuahua who can't get enough of this blanket either :)
**Now for the most fun thing of all :) The CRAFT SWAP!!

I am sooooo excited that so many of you were interested in this!! And yes, over-seas swapping is encouraged. So, here is what I am thinking:
1. Leave a comment on this post if you are seriously interested in a fun fun craft swap.
2. Depending on how many people decide to join in, we will create that many items. I think it would be cool if we each crafted our favorite thing to craft (ex. if you rock at embroidery you may want to embroider something for everyone in the swap).
3. Let's pretend 10 people want to participate. So we each make 10 things, send all of your things to me in one box (that will save all of you on shipping), and then I will separate everything and will send out 10 fun gifts to everyone from everyone. Sound good?? We will have a deadline date and everything set up when I figure out if this is how we want to do it and how many people want to do it. So, leave a comment and I will contact you. I am sooooooooooooo excited.
4. If you can think of a better way to do this, let me know. It's my first swap :) Craft mania!!


  1. I'd be interested in the swap! I never have free time, but I think it would be funn! so e-mail me (holly.neufeld@gmail.com) and we can see how it goes.

    ps. LOVE the treasure map cushion idea. I've thought of embroidering something similar, but the patterned fabric is a great idea. :)

  2. What a great post!! I love all the wonderful things you've made!!! And I love your teepee village and how it all came together!!! What a great little story! It made me smile! :) Your SKETCH #9 is fabulous!!! Love!!! (I'm behind!) And you're blanket...WOW! Love it!
    I definitely want to join in on the swap!!! Count me in!!! Fun! Fun!!!

  3. P.S. The picture of you is super cuuute! :)

  4. OMG GIRL!! You are crazy insane! I can't believe that you made the teepee's on your lunch hour! I wish I lived close to you so that you can rub some of your amazing talents onto me :) Have fun at your bachelorette party!! That sounds like my type of party, dinner and a great time with friends!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    xoxo Kimi

  5. oh ya...I would love to do the swap! my e-mail is kimikimkim@gmail.com

    hehe!! YAY!! ***me smiling from ear to ear cause I am excited**

  6. I'm definitely in on the swap! Shoot me an email when things are ready!:


    And loving the pillow idea...I want to make little pillows with the extra fabric to match with my blanket (a little treasure map on each)...but that's going to have to wait until I feel like looking at a sewing machine again! :P lol

  7. That blanket is neato! Is that quilted?

  8. I'm in on the swap. My email is lauralilyan@gmail.com sign me up!!! YAY! Ashley and I are doing circle journals. I love swaps!

  9. Love the pic of you!!!!

  10. I would love to do the swap too, but I'm from Germany - is that okay? If not, it's okay, I like the idea.

    My e-mail is

    Have a nice weekend!


  11. Oh if you accept someone outiside USA I'm interested in joining your swap.

    e-mail me with the details!


  12. Hejsan,

    exciting post that you did. I´m very interested in the swap.

    I would be the second one in germany.

    My e-mail:

    Great idea. Looking forward to.

    When will your wedding be? Not that far away.

  13. I would love to be in on the swap!!
    I'm Robyn


  14. hey janel!
    it's elizabeth from RVA class!! i really really want to join the swap..i've never done one before, but i'm so game!! let me know what else i need to do :)

  15. a swap sounds rad!


    also i've been thinking about getting my certification to be an art teacher since i have an art degree and i am having a hard time finding a job...do you have an advice? are there anythings that you dislike about the job? i've been an art teacher in a private studio, but everyone says teaching in an actual school is different.? I love little kids, i really don't think i could teach high school...lol...

    your blanket is so awesome! i'm going to start mine tomorrow! have fun at your party sounds fun, can't wait to see pics!


  16. Hi Janel. I love your blog. SO great!! I wouild love to join in on the swap! Im not sure if Im really any good and I dont want to disappoint anyone, but I'll try.
    See, I really need to work on that confidence thing, dont I? My email is eternity4me2@yahoo.com
    btw, i know someone who has done quite a few swaps and recommends doing it the way you described, she says it is the best and easiest way.
    Have fun at your bachelorette party!

  17. Love to do the swap. I'm up in Canada, so hopefully that'll be okay :)

    My email is trueluckipenni@hotmail.com

  18. jANEL,

  19. Hey I want to know more about this swap - i want in!!! you know the email addy hit me up love


  20. Oh noes- is it too late? It looks like maybe it it- if it's not
    But... it's cool if it is.
    Your blog is adorable! And congrats on tying the knot. I love your wedding dress pics!

  21. Ohh sounds fun!

    I'm in!


  22. I am interested in the swap! my emailis holliesnow@gmail.com. I didn't realize there was this post until after I commented on your other post. :) Hope it is not to late!

  23. heyyyyy!!! i am just reading the chat from e & r's class from last night, and i would love to be involved in the swap as well!!!!

    my email is corinneejohnson@hotmail.com

    thanks for organizing this!! it sounds like it will be so much fun!!

  24. I know this is SUPER late....but I just saw as I was overlooking last nights chat from our class. I would LOOOVE to participate! Email me the details! It would be so much fun!


    Thanks! -Jordan


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