17 February 2009

Color Inspiration

Tonight we had our first chat for our online class :D That is me smiling so big because I loved it. I already feel like I am becoming involved in something amazing with a bunch of really creative ladies! So exciting! Here is a shout out to all of my new classmates :)
Rachel and Elsie both talked about being inspired by color and Rachel actually just blogged about it here. I have been really inspired lately by this lovely color:
My wedding colors are actually this blue and a red. loooooving it right now :)
So, I was surfing Apartment Therapy Main (great source for inspiration) and Flickr and found so many lovely and inspiring pictures that focus on this color: This is what I call Eye Candy my friends :) Enjoy!

I absolutely adore this color right now!
What colors are you being inspired by right now?


  1. i love the last photo with the porch chair inside! neat! i'm lovin this crazy golden color and bright blues right now!

  2. Beautiful! I'm lovin' that color right now too! (& red!!!) ;)

  3. that is SUCH a pretty color! Right now I'm loving blues and greens and especially indigo.

  4. I love the colour.
    It reminds me of Tiffany's.

    The chat was so much fun. It made my day.

  5. i have always adored robin egg blue. it is breathtaking.

  6. Love all that blue inspiration! Every spring, I have a robin who builds her nest in the climbing rose by my front door, so I get a little robin's egg blue love each day for a few week.

    Cool blog!

  7. your wedding colors sounds so pretty!!!!!

  8. oooo i loooove that blue too! yay!

    right now i'm lovin' yellow (all shades!), raspberry sherbet, hot pink and gray! yay!


  9. Thanks for the eye candy :D
    I love that colour too (its the colour of paint that I just bought for my bathroom. I am also loving hot pink, lime green and pale grey x

  10. ah you put my chair up. how sweet.

  11. Hey girlie i love this post with the color inspiration; makes me want to redo my office with bright colors..

    I'm forever a fan of hot pink lately i have also been a fan of green and yellow - DEAR SPRING, PLEASE HURRY UP.. I MISS YOU :)

    24 days til our cruise - BTW!

  12. how cool tonya!! I had no clue :) it was just one of my flickr favoriites !!!

  13. i love that blue and red together...they are so lovely! again, so inspiring!
    it was fun chatting with everyone...it took me forever to go to sleep cause i was all sorts of excited about the great people i am meeting!


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