13 February 2009

A doodle a day...

Hollysarah is challenging herself to do a sketch a day that mainly focus on typography. I loved this idea since I looooooove journaling. Holly is sketching, I am more of a doodler. I am not sure that my drawings are good enough to be called sketches :)
Here is what she wrote:
" Starting tomorrow, I'm challenging myself to do a sketch a day in my moleskine for one month. I will post my sketches here, along with the prompts, if you feel like sketching along with me. :) I'll most likely be focusing on simple objects and typography."
So, we are on day two of this challenge and I am going to be posting my daily sketches on this blog. I kind of feel like I will be more apt to keeping up with this task if I am sharing it with all of you :) So, here is what I have so far:
Day 1:  What does your heart look like?
Day 2:  Use the word "love" in an unexpected way.
P.S. I bought that cutie pie journal at the RVA store....I'm pretty sure that it is a Rachel Denbow original :)
Be sure to check our Holly's blog here and see her inspiring sketches. I already can't wait for tomorrow's prompt.
Here are some other creative sketch book pages that my sister has done lately. They are posted on her blog but I will post them here for you to be inspired. I LOVE Them!!!

Well, I hope that some of you are feeling encouraged to start some journaling yourself, either in the conventional way, or the unconventional way :) Have fun!


  1. I love how you did yours!!! I loved Holly's idea of doing it and the prompts and sketches she's done so far but was intimidated by the "drawing" aspect of it but I absolutely love your "doodling"!!!! Very encouraging for me to get started on my own!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!! Hope you have a happy Valentine's Day full of loooove!!!

  2. Your "doodling" is WAY better than "doodling." It is definitely in the "sketching" and beyond category.

  3. Doodling is art. A couple of people coined the term "Zentangle" for their doodles and charge fifty bucks a pop for their doodle kits.
    Keep up the doodling, it may turn into something more... you never know. I call mine Tangle Doodles.


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