20 January 2011

snow day...

And by snow day, I mean ohmygoodness snow day!
Look at this...

Yikes! That is my car, all covered and hidden beneath the snow.  It's has snowed like 12 inches and it's still snowing like crazy.  Can someone please tell the snow that it isn't supposed to be like this in St. Louis?  We never get snow this crazy.
But hey, if it wants to give my a day off of work..ok :)

A couple of things:

My Week 3 photo for my 52 weeks of Instax Love:

new crayons for the art room :) love new crayons.

I have been participating in Poppytalk's Winter Color Week Challenge this week and I was so excited to see one of my photos in their roundup for the color Blue.  Dorky by True :) Check out my bowl of buttons:

(screen shot from the Poppytalk blog)

This morning I cleaned off the monstrous mess of fabrics and sewing notions from my desk.  I have been sewing so much lately but was not cleaning up any of the scraps and stuff so I did it today :)
Here is the cleaned up version:

much much better :)

I also hung my Grandma's Christening gown up in my studio today...it is such a precious treasure that I am really honored to have <3

Finally, don't forget ...

1. RWS is now accepting ad spaces for the month of February!!  There are a limited amount of spots so don't delay :)
2.  AND don't forget to enter my giveaway in the post below!

I love you all. 
Thanks for sharing my snow day with me :)



  1. love that instax and that blueeee! and that snow!

  2. The snow is starting to come down here (KY). Enjoy your snow day! :).

  3. oh my! that's YOUR CAR!! i feel like its cold here in texas, but hardly compared to that! goodNESS!

    also, love the organization... im going to Pin it to my pinboard. did you get those cool doo-dad holders at IKEA? i saw them and have been wanting to do the same thing but, yep... well just needd to get around to doing it.

    good job girl!

  4. woah! I didn't realize there was so much snow! (i go to school in stl) I'm loving the snow, though!

  5. yeah i wish we would get snow days for 12 inches....i go to school in the snow belt so 12 inches is the norm....i am so jealous of your snow day!!!!
    Peace & Love,

  6. hey sister!! i totally am in love with your sewing/crafty/artsy space.... mine has been redesigned into the playspace for the upcoming children (which is awesome) but your pics make my heart miss it!

    Love you tons! Wish i was there to make snow forts with you!

  7. I should try to make my working desk as organised as yours is. At the moment my kitchen table is full of stuff.. But a good idea, and looks good!


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