21 January 2011

38 more days

You all have no idea how much I want to buy nursery things and baby toys, and little vintage dresses lately. It's crazy. We are living by a very strict budget and it seems that the more we save, the more I want to buy things for this little baby :)

Saving for this adoption has been so rewarding though, it's so great seeing her little account grow and grow. It's also so incredibly humbling to see all of the support and help and donations from all of our wonderful friends online. Seriously, ever single person who has ever bought a journal class spot from me, sent a donation, a baby bottle full of change, or purchased anything out of my Etsy shop...your name has gone into a little book that I am saving for Miss Pita. This is a list of all of her aunties and uncles all over the world who helped bring her home to us :)
Thank you seems like such a small sentiment compared to all of that love that you have shown our family :)

March is the month that we actually begin the process, we knew that with our budgeting and such,that would we have enough money to send in with our application :) You guys March is only 38 days away!! I am over the moon with excitement.

Yesterday, Adam and I were both off of work due to the weather. I was cleaning out my studio and doing some sewing and I could hear Adam in the other room watching "An Adoption Story" on television. It melted my heart. He's going to be the best dad ever.

Anyway, since I can't shop, I have been building the world's cutest WISHlist of baby stuff over at Amazon :)  Their universal wishlist is the world's greatest creation :)  If you want to check out my wishlist and tell me any must haves that I am missing, I would LOVE it :) Most of the things are decor related (of course) so I need help with the more practical things.
 Sometimes it's fun to just dream and wish.  You can check it out right HERE <3

Again, thank you, from the bottom of my heart,
i love you all so much.



  1. that is soooo exciting! i can't imagine how hard it must be for you to not buy up everything you see! i just found out this week i'm having a boy & i want to get everything little boy thing i see!! =)

    Hopefully these next 38 days will go fast so you can get going on bringing home your little girl!!!

  2. i'm so happy for you! what an exciting time. i was adopted myself and we have a little girl of our own (not adopted), what a blessing. this little one is going to be so special to you and your family! Enjoy every moment you get because it goes by soooooo fast!!! Best wishes to you guys! I'm so excited for you!!!

  3. How sweet:) where are you adopting your little angel from?

  4. first i want to say that what you're doing is a great gesture. Saving a child with your love is incredible. i'LL be pleased to be an auntie ;)

    second,we are soooo on the same mind today! i was working on my little list to bloggeg later. A way to send my wish out there cause we are seeing the fertility doctor on feb.14. My boyfriend's been on fertility meds for a while it's not working so we'll know what's next.

    best wishes to you and Adam

  5. I'm so proud of you for sticking to your budget and not shopping so that you can save for the adoption. So excited for you!

  6. OMG!!! i super heart babies! and i'm so happy and excited for you!!! i'm sure the two of you will make the best parents for your child. God bless Miss Janel. wish you all the best! :)


  7. So exciting, Janel! You're going to be an amazing mommy :)

  8. Aww, yay!! I'm so excited for you!! ^___^
    That little girl is going to have the cutest everything, and the coolest mommy! ^_^

    I wanted to share the Stylish Blogger Award with you:
    Cheers! ^_^

  9. everything is so cute in that shop. might have to add some to mine too. so glad you guys are getting so close to submitting your application. it is amazing that it is such a process and so costly to love someone unconditionally and make their life better.


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