14 January 2011


Here are a few of things that I am obsessed with as of late :

1.  This amazing doll suitcase by Hart + Sew...

ridiculously obsessed to be exact :)
I want to make one like tonight....or at least get started on one.  Who knew all of the magic that could be made with vintage luggage?
Not to mention, the blog itself is worth following....adorable!!

I actually found out about Bloglovin through my blog stats when I realized there were many hits from the above site.
I have always been a fan of google reader but I love the way Bloglovin' works, so much more!!
Bloglovin' is more organized and efficient and allows you to see ALL of the cuteness that one puts into their blog.  
I love it!
Plus it's super quick to sign up and get started. 
Highly recommended, you should check it out for sure.
And if you do.... add me ------> I put a little link on my sidebar to make it super easy :)

3.  a road trip!!

Adam and I have been talking about a road trip in a winnebago to the west coast for a couple of years.  The trip would be from here to my Jenny Star (in LA) with tons of stops in between.
Recently, my sister and her husband have been planning a trip like this as well!! So excited!  Anyway, either way...I really hope it happens this summer :)

Loving loving loving.



  1. ooo that dollhouse suitcase is super cute! :)
    I'm also a fan of Bloglovin!! :) I've been using it since October and it's been great!
    I hope you get to go on that trip, sounds fun.

  2. love it! i'm falling in love with these vintage suitcase creations. glad you liked my post about the dog bed. I'm still drooling over it. enjoy your weekend!! peace&love.


  3. i'm thinking dollhouse suitcases...craft weekend.. no???



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