01 January 2011

vegas recap.

Well, I will tell you what...our Vegas trip was quite the whirlwind.  We saw and did so much in just 5 short days.  This was my first time being in Vegas and I'm pretty confident in saying that I did every single thing that I wanted to do while there.
*  We saw 12 hotels.
* rode in like 20 cabs
*  a billion shops
* 2 aquariums
* 3 art galleries
* 1 world's largest chocolate fountain
*  and 3 cirque du soleil shows
I'm going to let our photos do the rest of the talking though :)
(And I'm warning you now...there will be a lot of photos :D)

At the end of every trip we take, it's tradition for us all to say our most favorite part of the trip (besides being together) and our least favorite part of the trip.
Here is mine:
Most favorite:  The Beatles Cirque du Soleil show "Love". OMG it was beyond anything that I could ever explain to you all. It was amazing, breathtaking, phenomenal.  I wish I could fly Adam out there just to see that.  I don't have any pictures from it because my sister had the camera that night :) I will share them when I get them though.

Least Favorite:  The Neon Boneyard cancelled our tour due to wind and they "didn't want anyone's head to accidently get sliced off." yikes!  I would have loved to have seen that.

So, a huge thank you and lots of love to my parents for treating my sister and I to this wonderful trip.
I had a blast and it was a great ending to a great year :)



  1. wow this looks so fun! i've always wanted to go there. i LOVE that painting you're standing by.. you know the one i'm talkin about! and you look so pretty.

    happy new year, friend. i sincerely hope we get to siska together this year :)

  2. I haven't been to Las Vegas in like six years or so but I'm so glad it looks the same! My sister was married at The Little White Wedding Chapel and I had so much fun there and ran into so many people I knew on a total whim-plus that whole walking around with cocktails outside is pretty fun (and the FREE drinks EVERYWHERE!)
    I'm glad that you had such a great time- makes me want to go back there.

  3. Great photos of the trip Janel. Could you email me the class blog link again? I can't find it in my email. New email is sapmohon@gmail.com Thanks so much.

  4. O that dessert thing whatev it is looks super delish!


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