29 January 2011

Saturday Night News

Well hello there :)

1.  First and foremost, I have officially dubbed February, "Push for Pita" month.  This is the LAST month before we urn in our adoption application and we have a lot of fun things planned over here to help us raise the final $2500!  Be so very excited!! 
We had our first Adoption "meeting" today and it was soooo great!! 

2.  I have a two sponsor spots open still for February so if you are interested, go grab them soon :)

3.  My family went to the BEST antique mall today! Ohmygoodness :)  I am unable to spend money right now so my treasures are now going to be birthday presents from my parents  so I won't have photos of those until April 5.  I did however, score a few little treasures that I was able to bring home today.  One booth had loads of beautiful vintage doll dresses.  The best part about these dresses were that they were only 50 cents a piece after the sale!!!  I totally just new that these little dresses would be perfect for "Dream" (the little plush doll that I made for my future little).
Here are some photos of Dream modeling her knew duds :

Here she is before the new dresses...

and here is her new wardrobe :)

Aren't they amazing?!  The best part about it is that I don't have to make any tiny outfits for her now :) 

Well, that is it for tonight, I am super tired and I have still have to do my Bible Study homework for tonight before bed!!

Love you guys!!


  1. What pretty vintage doll dresses! And Dream is such an adorable doll♥

  2. What happy news!!! I absolutely love all the lady like new outfits for Dream. So precious! <3

  3. I'm SO excited for you! I remember just learning about Pita less than a year ago and now you're getting so much closer to bringing your little girl home! BTW, the dresses couldn't be more perfect!

  4. All good things! Very exciting that the application process for your adoption is almost up - best of luck with the final push! The antique mall also sounds like quite the place - great finds on those dresses for Dream... Have a lovely rest of the weekend!


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