16 January 2011

inspired part two...

Remember the other day when I shared this post containing the beyond lovely dollhouse suitcase by Stacy at Hart + Sew

 Remember how I said I wanted to start on it ASAP.  I was not kidding :)

Meet "Dream" :


This is the first doll that I have ever made and I am thinking that she turned out pretty dang cute.  I also sewed up three little dresses for her (not pictured).
Mi gusta.

Here is the beginning of Dream's living room.
Dream is a huge fan of vintage florals in pinks.
She has a shelf that holds flowers from her garden, a little bunting adorns the bottom of her shelf.  Above the shelf, you can see her "Home Sweet Home" embroidery that she created in her studio (still to be made)  <3

 This is the rug that covers the floor. I used a vintage pillowcase that I scored at a garage sale at some point, I felt like it needed a little something else so I added a tiny doily in the middle :)

This has been such a fun and rewarding project.
I found a sweet little vintage suitcase to put it all together in.
It's a vintage Samsonite in White that belonged to a bridal collection.
Love it.
The inside lining and ruffle is the lightest of pinks so I think it will all look so great together :)
I'll take pics when I get it all together.

Next up, I am going to make the bedroom and the art studio :)
It's really nice to get all of these out of the way when I actually don't have a child and lots of time on my hands.
Thanks Stacy for the super fresh inspiration <3

p.s. scroll down for another new post with another cute project inspired by another cute girl :)


  1. Aw I love the rug! And the doll is adorable, her little booties are so cute :) xoxo

  2. ohhhh!!! this is wayyy too cute!!
    im totally following you <3

  3. your doll is adorable. I wish i could sew like you.
    We share the same way of thinking, i'm hoping to be a mother this year, so i began to collect some projects to make before having less time to craft.

  4. oh my, this makes me so happy! it looks great!!!


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