23 January 2011

the adoption :)

After my "38 more days" post, I couldn't stop thinking about all of the ways that my blog friends have helped us reach our goal.  I raised almost $3,000 with journal class sales alone!  Can you believe it? :)

It is crunch time and Adam and I still have $2,000 more to raise for our application fee. 
I decided to create something really sweet and simple (and lovely if I do say so myself) to sell to help us raise the rest of the money.  Plus it's something that you can hang in your home as a reminder of how you touched our lives and helped us build our family <3

 I painted these three sentiments on three different canvases. 
These are statements that will serve as a reminder to you of all of the amazing support and love you have shown my family through this process.

Here they are:



I am so in love with all of them!!
Anyway, I am going to be making 5x7 prints of each of these original paintings to sell in my shop to raise some more Pita money <3

These prints will be  printed on glossy, professional quality photo paper and will be shipped in safe and sturdy packaging.

It's a really simple, affordable way to help out.
To grab your print, CLICK HERE!!

I hope you all love these as much as I do :)



  1. These are soooo adorable! I'm in love with them!

  2. <3 <3 <3 !!!! Great idea Janel.. I definitely want one to hang in my house and can't wait to add a pic of little baby PITA with you guys to it!

    Also - our baby bottle is almost full so we will be sending that along for you guys too!

    <3 you so much


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