12 January 2011

oh wednesday...

Wednesday Musings:
* my laptop charger is broken AGAIN!  This is the second one that has broken in only a couple of months.  It's frustrating, and my laptop is dead so it's even more frustrating.
*  I left my cell phone at my parent's house last night while watching Millionaire Matchmaker with my mom.
*  I am reading the "Sunday Philosophy Club" book series and I love it
*  I gave my mom's bedroom a complete makeover this weekend and I love it.
*  I need to completely re-do my studio space and purge, purge, purge
*  I decided to do a 52 week polaroid project.  I've seen a bunch of people doing it on their blogs and I think it would be an accomplishable and fun project.  Im using my instax.  I've done week 1 and week 2 already and it's cute <3
*  My new Bible study begins tonight :)
*  the people taking my new journaling class are sooo inspiring.
*  I found a cute map online and I am marking every state that I have visited...fun times.

Ok, enough random.
I just wanted to post something because Im not sure when I will have access to a computer next.  Im hoping my lovely husband will be able to do something to help with my laptop...we shall see though, he is soooo a PC and I am soooo a Mac.


  1. i just purged my craft space and it feels OH SO GOOD! do it! do it!


  2. Would you show us the cute map you found?

  3. I love maps. Can you share it with us please?!

  4. thats interesting, what kind of bible study? What are you using to do so?

  5. Oh my god my husband is also sooooo a PC and I'm a Mac! Totally understand that!


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