02 January 2011

The last bits of 2010...

I know I know, 2010 is soooo last year but I did want to share a few more of my adorable December Daily journal with you all :)
 But before I do that, I also wanted to show you my sweet little Catalina in her Christmas present from my parents....

and now on to my journal pages :) I won't bombard you with pics of all 10 days worth, but I will show a few highlights :)



  1. Oh wow!!! These are so awesome!!! I seriously love your handwriting too! That is really cool that you went to Las Vegas! I used to live there a few years ago, and it's definitely more fun to just visit there rather than live there. Happy New Year!!

  2. Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for your postcard. It came during the holiday rush and it really lifted my spirits, as it was one of only two cards I'd received this year. Thank you again. It meant a ton to me.

  3. love your Beatles page! It was like that model was meant to wear that peace sign!
    SOOOo pretty!

  4. http://babyhalfoff.com/index.php/Yubo-Eco-friendly-Lunch-Boxes?___store=default I saw this lunch box and thought of you!!

  5. these are so incredible janel. i don't know how you find the time to do something like this everyday but i envy you for it. just think...when pita is older, she will look back on these journals and you can read them together and you'll be so happy that you made the time to keep them :)

  6. you make me want to start journaling like this!

  7. Your journal is amazing! :) I've never been into journals and diaries myself...but after seeing yours, I want one! Love it!

    xxx mervi


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