08 January 2011

Before and After

Today my family and I went antique mall shopping together.  It's our newest Saturday tradition and I pretty much love it the most :)
I walked away with a few treasures but this is the one that I was most excited about:

A $2 vintage suitcase.  I had been looking for one since before Christmas but I needed a certain color and a cheap price.
My wonderful mom stumbled upon this and I was soooo happy.
I had envisioned an adorable dog bed for Catalina (it was supposed to be her Christmas gift).
Better late than never right :)
So, I armed myself with vintage lace, vintage fabrics, vintage buttons, yarn, wood grain contact paper, and a hot glue gun.
All of those items turned my cheap vintage suitcase into the cuuuuuutest dog bed ever!!
This is was I ended up with it:

and since Picasso spent the night last night, he climbed in and tried it out for Catalina:

I love it.
Isn't it great to take something and turn it into something else completely?
I'm feeling super inspired to create more now!!



  1. This is absolutely ADORABLE. I would steal the idea, but my precious Jack Russell would eat that suitcase up.

    Question- did you make the triangle banner across the top? I've been looking for someone who makes them (real size, haha) to purchase for my wedding.

  2. oooh! it is so cute!! I have been looking for a good suitcase to make Kizzy a bed just like that!

  3. Hi cara-
    I did make it! Email me if you want more information ;)

  4. Oh my gosh... that is the best idea in the whole entire world.
    Can I say... Etsy shop!?!
    I would buy one for Millie definitely! She's a little vintage bohemian baby like her Momma... except she's a Boxer. I think I'm going to feature you on my blog... like right now even.


  5. That is super cute! I love it :). You did a great job!

  6. i like that pillowcase ;)

    turned out beautifully!! awesome job!

  7. So so so cute!

    BTW, I've been enjoying your journaling class.. I need to get my photos posted to flickr. It's a good start to the year! xoxo

  8. OH my goodness, that is the cutest thing that I have EVER seen! I wish that I could make something like this for my pups, but they would rip it apart :( Thanks for sharing!! & I love that little squirrel, I love the Martha Stewart pet line!

  9. I was so not kidding - I'm such a weirdo. The blog is already up. That's HOW MUCH I absolutely adore and drool over your creativity. You HAVE to be your students favorite part of their day.
    I'm an Early Childhood Ed major and Human Development Advocate and I am a firm believer in keeping the art and creative expression classes in schools - so many are cutting them out. (omg - look... another blog idea!)

    I wish I would have appreciated the art and music when I was in public schools the way that I do now that I found myself on such a spiritual/self-discovery journey. Back then, I was this little soccer and cross-country jock and I cared too much about P.E. and didn't savor the art and music and other creative things as much as I should. Anyways, my point is (which always requires going around the world to get to) is that I appreciate you as an art teacher and a future/almost adoptive mother. I mention that in my blog that I posted throughout my Blogger browse tonight.
    It's about how much I am creepily obsessed with your reinvention of this groovy suitcase. Here's the link: peace and love, bjj


    (sorry for the novel) ;)

  10. that is so adorable!!


  11. that is sooooo stinkin adorable! love.

  12. this is awesome Janel!

  13. OMG i've wanted to do something like this for my boston terriers FOREVER! love it :)


  14. Such a great idea! Love it!

  15. what a great idea! you are SO creative! i'm wondering if our cats would ever go for something like this. i'd love to make one!

  16. omg janel...
    this is the cutest thing ever!! not that i would expect anything less from you, you are so creative
    i looooove it:)

  17. This is awesome!! I am not a pet person, but if I ever do have a puppy, I will FO SHO be doing this!

  18. Oh my gosh, how sweet (both the bed and your pup)! What a great idea.

  19. LOVE this project. You are a very clever crafty gal, the bed is so sweet!
    I think the little squirrel is so lovely too, did you make it?

  20. OMG! Adorable. I have two avacado green suitcases like that in my garage. My doggies are gettin' new beds!!

  21. awh! im in the middle of making one of these for my cat! i got a leather suitcase and just trying to get it cleaned up!

  22. Oooh my word! I love it!! I'm so stealing that idea!!! :)

  23. I made a pet bed inspired by yours...check it out


    I really enjoyed making it! and the dog LOVES IT :)


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