04 January 2011

the new house!!!

Welcome to 12952 Ocean Drive...

This is the *AMAZING* dollhouse that I got for Christmas!
I am seriously really excited about this new hobby (you know, because I need another one).

I can't wait to fill up to look like my dream little modern home :)
So far, I have two pieces of furniture...

I actually had these from a couple of years ago.  I think I got them in a Frank Lloyd Wright House gift shop.  They are one of those "blind box" deals and I, of course, got two of the same.  
Fortunately, now I have a place for them and Im glad I have two of the same :)
There are way too many cute mini blogs and mini sites for 1:12 scale modern furniture and houses.

Oh, and speaking of Christmas gifts, and mini houses, and Frank Lloyd Wright, here is another rad thing that I got as a gift...

eeeeek! Fallingwater!
I absolutely love this home and I love that I made it out of Legos!
I love the Lego line of architectural buildings.
The cool thing is that Adam and I have visited this house and it hold a very special place in our hearts.
It seriously took me 4 hours to put this thing together. lol.
Everything is cuter in mini right?


  1. uhm, coolest dollhouse ever? And totally jealous of the Frank Lloyd Wright Falling Water House...one of my faves :)

  2. elsie and i want to come over and play...

    where was that dollhouse picked up anyways? it's amazing!!


  3. my hometown is FULL of FLW stuff! they're currently restoring the last hotel of his left.. you'll have to stay at it sometime... if you want to vacation to the most boring town in america! ;) cute, cute dollhouse.. i've always wanted to make one for my kids someday.

  4. omg janel! im so jealous!! do have links for the blogs you mention ?

  5. LOVE the dollhouse! I am excited to see what you will do with it! I have a dollhouse that I bought a couple of months ago and it's still sitting in my closet, so I need some inspiration! :)

  6. omg janel! could you BE any cuter? i love this so much!:)

  7. i love this doll house!!!!! it's sooooo cute!!! i would love to get little things to put inside it and make it cute!! LOVE IT!

    allister bee blog

  8. super cute dollhouse. is it a vintage one? I've never seen anything like it.

    Love the blog, be back soon!

  9. ohh.swoon! the dollhouse is like the perfect blank canvas, cant wait to see what you do with it! and OMG FALLINGWATER! haha i love FLW..cheers to a great new year :)


  10. I had to llok up that house! I had never heard of it. It is amazing!!!!

  11. I just came across just came to your blog to see if you would be doing another journal challenge this year? And then I saw the Falling Water post...and I wanted to say that I live about a half hour away from there! If you ever come back to visit, let me know...I'd love to meet your creative self!

  12. that lego house is AWESOME!!!! i didn't know they made stuff like that!!!


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