10 January 2011

a mili...

Hello Friends!
Here are five new things I wish I had " a mili" for :)

1.  This Michael Kors watch! Seriously, it has my heart.  

I kind of want to add it to my birthday wishlist but it's also kind of super expensive.  On the other hand...if I had "a mili," it would so be mine.

2.  I have been scouring the antique malls around here for one of these for months!  I can just never find the perfect one. I love this tin doll house so much (from etsy) and it comes with all of the furniture as well...

3.  I would love to have these adorable earrings :)

4.  These AMAZING mittens :)

5.  and maybe this sweet little tiny heart ring...I love the simplicity.  This would be a good BFF ring too I think :)

Ok, that is it for today! Have fun browsing and dreaming too :)
I hope that this Monday finds you full of peace and inspiration.



  1. oh janel, i saw a tin dollhouse yesterday while antiquing and thought of you. it was not as pastel pretty as that one but it was adorable nonetheless! if i had a 'milli' i would have bought it for you!

  2. cute janel! i love the little ring. it's just too cute!!!

    allister bee blog


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