12 January 2011

52 weeks...

Like I said in my last post, I have decided to challenge myself to take one instax photo each week this year.
I have loved seeing people's challenges over the years with Polaroids, or 365's, and any other photo challenges.  I decided that if I love them so much, why not go the distance and do one myself :)
So, here we go...

Week One:

Week 2:

I love these little instax decorative stickers and I even have little labels on the back (that came with this pack as well) that I can put the week and a little title too.

I also think that I will try to make this a feature like 52 Week Wednesday or something cheesy like that.
I am a huge fan of consistent blogging so weekly posts are pluses in my book.
love it.



  1. hello :) it's me again! i just wanna ask, how can i gather followers in my blog? i'm a newbie and i have no idea on how it goes. haha. please help me. thanks! ♥


  2. I'm doing a 52 Week of Instax photos project too!! I loove your second photo, there's something very lovely about snuggling. Also, those stickers are adorable! I just got my Instax this Christmas, I am going to have to look into what fun accessories there are!!

  3. this is very smart! i shud totally do this, i just stocked up on instax film for the year :D

  4. I'm doing a P52 as well. Only some are instax though!
    Love yours!


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