07 January 2011


Please tell me that you see this?
Today I parted my hair a different way than normal and bam!

One of my students asked me if I added some silvery sparkle hair along with the red sparkles. Yes, yes I did.
Someone needs some hair color  :)
In other news, it's finally almost the weekend!
I am so ready for it.
I am also having so much fun with the people in my New Year New You journal class! There pages are so inspiring and gorgoeus.
I hope to share some of their amazing pages here on my blog for you to see their talent.
Ok, back to work!


  1. Oh gots to love the grays! Ugh... I battle them daily.
    I am loving the journal class btw!! Sorry I missed the chat. I don't have a camera on my computer. Whomp whomp:(

  2. I'm starting to gray a little too!! Thank goodness for dye though:)

  3. Oh I feel your pain, I cant die my hair right now because Im prego and the grey coming in is just killing me! I miss my dark locks! le sigh

  4. Psssh....I've had gray hair since high school. Worst of all (or is it?) it is all centrally located in my bangs which makes my hair brown, cherry red and gray...whatevs! Embrace it!

  5. I've been getting little grays since I was 22. Meh.

  6. hey greys are ok! the day t turned 20 (which was a couple months ago) i was doing my hair and bam i found a grey hair and my boss told me it was ok the sooner i go grey the soon i could dye my hair blonde instead of bleaching it.

  7. hey love!
    haha, awwww. sometimes i find grey hair too and i am like omggg! you look beautiful either way:)

    it's fun working at a salon for that exact reason

  8. I love you!
    You make me smile!
    I got your letter... right when I needed it most. You are an amazing friend!!
    And I miss your face!!

  9. It's happening to me too! I have been trying to hold out as long as I can before coloring, but....I think it might be time for me to give in~ Dang! :)


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