24 January 2011

a mili...

Hello Friends!
Here are five new things I wish I had " a mili" for :)

1.  I am loving the entire "campfire collection" from this shop.

2.  The easiest way to learn how to make a quilt, is buy purchasing a quilt kit.  I am LOVING these vintage quilt kits from SparklePower so much.  I want them all :)

3. This mid-century chandelier for le nursery.

4.  I am also really loving this printer's drawer jewelry display A LOT.  I really need a better way to organize my jewelry.

5.   A million tubes of these lip balms!!  My sweet sweet Jamie-girl sent me a wonderful surprise this week that included the lavendar lip balm and lavendar soap from this shop! I love them both so much!

Ok, that is it for today! Have fun browsing and dreaming too :)
I hope that this Monday finds you full of peace and inspiration.



  1. Ohhh awesome....love all your suggestions. I'd love it if you entered my giveaway! :) Hearts, Janna Lynn


  2. Those vintage fabric quilt kits are adorable! I also love the tooth fairy pillows in that shop, such a cute idea!!

  3. Thanks for introducing me one new fantastic shop! I wonder when my money is running too low to buy new jewerly.

  4. Omgosh! I have a printer drawer just like that and I LOVE this idea!!!! Must. Do. Now.

    Glad you like your lavender goodies!!!

    Sparkler Power has so many things I want!!!!!
    If you find that mili, send some my way. ha! ;)
    Love you! xoxo

  5. I love the quilt kits... definitely going to check them out right now!


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