31 January 2011

The Push for Pita- The Plan :)

Eeek! I am so excited about this month!!
Like I mentioned before, I have dubbed this month "The Push For Pita" month :)
We have exactly 28 days to reach our fundraising goal of $5,000 for our adoption application fee.
You can read all about our passion and dreams of adoption in this post.
On March 1, we plan to turn in our application, get into the system, and do everything else that we need to do to have our baby.

I have decided to borrow the motto, "Ain't too Proud to Beg," from my girls in TLC :)
I have learned that specific prayer and humbling myself to ask for help when we need it most, is the best way to accomplish our goal.
Bottom line:  we need help :)
This is a very expensive process but our desire for a child overrides any financial fears that I may have.
God can work miracles, I see it everyday.
I know that together, we can raise the rest of the money by March 1.

There are many amazing, talented, lovely friends who have come together to help us!!
Starting tomorrow, February 1, I will be listing donated items in my Etsy shop from these wonderful ladies :

* Elise, * Debbie, * Christen, * Lehua, * Amber, * Suzanne, * Holly, * Kaelah, * Kyla, * Amy,
 * Amanda, * Sherry

These women have generously donated the proceeds from all of these items, right to "The Push for Pita" fund!!! Amazing :)  So, get ready to shop friends!!
I will continually be adding more items to my shop throughout the month so keep checking back.

**If you are interested in donating any items to "The Push for Pita" sale in my shop, please email me ASAP!! I would just love it so much: janel(dot)maclean(at)gmail(dot)com

Here are other ways that you can help!

* prayers, prayers, and more prayers :)

*  Blog about "The Push For Pita" fundraiser, Facebook it, tweet it, email it, anything!!

*  Make a donation by clicking on the paypal "Donate" button below.

I have also added a "Donate" button on my sidebar!!

*  Join us in "The Push for Pita" online art journal class.

* Send in your baby bottles from "Pennies for Pita"

Another fun thing that added to the blog was a cute little "Tracker" on the sidebar!!  I will be updating this tracker daily so that you can all watch and celebrate with us as that little red line grows to the top as we reach our goal!!!  You can already see all of the generosity that we have received so far from online friends and family :)

I love you all!
and she will love you all too.

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  1. woohooo!!!! roll on pay day - cant wait to shop and spend some casholla for pita! and you of course janel xx


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