20 January 2011


I am finding myself feeling the cabin fever of this snow day :)
Adam and I created a "regional dialect video" that I saw over at Kaelah's blog (cutest video ever by her and Mike BTW)...and the sound apparently wasn't working..lame! We will have to re-shoot later.

But still, I was so bored after that.

I started playing around online and stumbled upon the website I used to use to make word searches with my student's spelling words. 
I thought it might be fun to create a little "Getting to know Janel and Her Blog" cross word puzzle!
Fun right?

You can print this right out, use the clues and search my blog for the answers... love it!
I would love it even more if when you were finished, you sent me your answers :)
In fact, the first 5 people who send me their completed cross-word puzzle will get a super rad surprise in the mail :)

Here we go:

And here are your clues :


2. What animal did I talk about on January 15 this year?
3. Who is my husband?
9. What is my Monday feature called?
12. What catalog did I do my December Daily journal in?
13. What is the name of my current journal  class?
14. What are my most favorite things to sew?
15. what hairstyle did I rock on crazy hair day?
16. What do I teach?

1. What is my favorite color?
4. What is my drink of choice?
5. my sweet dog's name
6. My favorite movie
7. What are we naming our first little girl?
8. What is the name of the doll that I just made?
10. What state do I live in?
11. What is my family's Saturday tradition?
12. What month is my birthday in?

Have fun!!! 
Love you love you love you


  1. man! I'm so close!
    But I cant find your favorite movie or your family's Saturday tradition...are you willing to give any hints? :)

  2. Check the posts in April of 2009 for my favorite movie :)

  3. Find the post where I restyled a suitcase into a bed for Catalina....you will find our tradition there!!!


Thank you so much for commenting!! xo