10 January 2011

the mini living room

This evening I received a few adorable modern pieces for my dollhouse!
The tiny little living room is beginning to actually look like something amazing!
It definitely needs some color but I wanted the main pieces to be neutral.

What do you think so far?

I want to move in! lol
Right now Adam and I are getting ready to watch Dinner for Schmucks while crossing our fingers for a snow day tomorrow :)
have a lovely evening.


  1. very cool! I've never seen modern furniture for doll houses before

  2. so cute!!! I'm about to buy my first Blythe and I'm already getting her "house" ready for her! Miniature anythings are sooo freakin cute!

  3. oh.. i love white. haha. it looks clean. :)

    hmmm.. please visit my blog, it would mean so much to me :)

    thanks! http://lifeendslovedoesnt.blogspot.com/ ♥

  4. so cute!

    Happy Snow Day!

  5. I'll cross my fingers for a snow day for y'all tomorrow, too! Lord knows I won't be getting one down here in Florida but know that I'm jealous of the snow - but I understand how quickly the cold and mess of it gets old! But no work? YAAA! :)



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