28 July 2010


I have found another obsession.
because, you know, I really need another one :)
Fortunately, with adoption on the brain I am in a total "no spending" mindset.
Once upon a time, I was paired up with my best friend Jenny for happy mail.
On her little survey it said that she collected Momiji dolls.
I checked out the link and fell in LOVE!!  I ordered one for her and when it came in the mail, I feel in a deeper love with them.
Now, Im a collector too!
I have three of these cuties so far and I smile every time I look at them.
Today I was browsing the site.  Im so the type of person who feels the need to torture themselves when they have no money to be spending :) lol!
Here are some of the new dolls that are on my "want list":

Oh my goodness I love them so so much!!  Don't they just make you smile when you look at them??  Im going to have a whole shelf of them in my baby's room some day :)
Now for the giveaway part of this post!!
I am almost at 1,000 followers!
Seriously, is that crazy or what??
So, this will be my close to 1,000 followers giveaway. lol

All you have to do is leave me a comment, on this post, telling me a random act of kindness that you could do for someone this week.

I have seen a couple of amazing blog posts on kindness (here and here) today and it makes my heart happy.

The winner of this giveaway will get to chose a momiji doll of their choice that I will purchase and send to you :)  Another cute momiji doll fact, there is an opening in the bottom where you can leave a secret note for someone.  I will write you a cute little note, insert into your momiji, and send her your way!!!

This giveaway will end on Friday night so leave me a comment to win!!!
*  tweets and blog posts about this giveaway will give you extra chances too!!
*  as usual, you need to be a follower of run with scissors to win!!

Ok, I have floors to tile!!  I'll see you lovelies later!!


  1. i love this!!!! I want one!!!! :) thanks for linking up my kindness post!! love you pretty lady!!!

  2. I collect them too & even have a kokeshi tattoo :) :)

    I actually did a few nice things this week.

    1. I sent out a big batch of "random mail" to about 1/2 of my address book just to say hello & send some love <3

    2. I bought big bags of cat food for the homeless kitties that live at the bookstore down the street.

    3. I made two different monetary donations to animal shelters this week. One to ASPCA & one to HSUS.


  3. I want to collect them now too! Thanks a lot :P haha. They are so cute.
    I haven't been particularly kind this week, hmmmm.... I will make cufflinks for my brother as a surprise and for four other guy relatives as well. I always make the girls jewelry but never the guys anything. So there we go :)

  4. I love the momiji dolls and the kindness post links! The world would be a better place is everyone practiced random acts of kindness. I know my mom will be uber busy this week, so I think I'll surprise her by cleaning her house. And bringing my pup over... she'd kidnap him if she could! It'll be a nice treat for her. =)

  5. I love these dolls!
    I am helping a friend (who is in an abusive relationship :-() get her beloved kitty re-homed this week.

  6. Anonymous28 July, 2010

    Oh, Janel! I love these little cuties, I have two at home, but would always love to extend my collection.

    I have been at home on couch arrest all week, however I have had time to do a little something.

    I washed the dishes for my mom cause her back hurt last night.

    I made my brother a card today and stuck it on his dresser so he's surprised when he comes home from school this afternoon.

    I also helped my best friend Oli through some stuff when he had a bit of a breakdown on Monday night. He said that I was being too nice, but I just think I was being normal and nobody else was being nice enough.

    We need more kindness, right guys!?

    Much Love Darling,
    Norah xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. I lent my cell phone to my husband while he's out of town training (he's in the military) because his is broken.

  8. i will try to spend more time with my little brother

  9. These are too cute, I love the mushroom cap doll! I participated in Lindsay's Kindness post today as well...I loved what everyone said, it was perfect and just what I needed!

  10. You are so generous doing a give-away when you are trying to save Janel, thank you so much!
    Last week I sold cupcakes at work to raise money for a local animal shelter, and this weekend we are going to spend the money on cat food and take it up to them! I'll probably fall in love with an animal or two and want to bring them home with me!

  11. Oh my goodness! How cute! And how precious would they look in your future babies room?! :) :)
    Random acts of kindness? I like to make little felt animals/trees/mushrooms and leave them hanging from trees in parks so strangers will find them!!
    Maybe I will do this again this week :)
    xo, Jamie

  12. Anonymous28 July, 2010

    mmmmm. I will put chocolate syrup smileys on all my coffee shop customer's drinks this week. yay.

  13. I love this! However I can't leave a random act of kindness because I think talking about it cancels out the actually nice thing that I did... yeah, strange I know. I hope it still counts though!

  14. Those Momiji dolls are So cute! I love the one with the mushroom hat! My thoughts have always been and always will be, do unto others as you would have others do unto you. I like to randomly give customers coupons that I receive in the mail. I don't own a Toyota and I get a discount anyway.....why not pass on the savings?



  15. Anonymous28 July, 2010

    These dolls are adorable I have never seen them before today.. Reminds me of the ones my Grama had of a boy and girl and if you got them really close they would kiss each other (there was magnets behind their lips)..I would play w/them for hours...;)

    my random act: tomorrow I will get up w/Ava at 6am when she wakes up and change & feed her and let her momma sleep late.

    2nd act: put on a pot of coffee for Amanda (momma who is sleeping in) since she has coffee every morning.

    3rd act: get up w/hubby even if it is 4am and spend some time w/him before he leaves for OKL.

    I think I will be taking a nap sometime around 10am...lol

    **would love to win your giveaway!!

  16. these are so cute, now i want to collect them!

    well, i don't think i've done anything randomly kind this week haha, but i'm thinking about sending off some postcards to random people.

  17. I have a couple other blog friends that collects these. I would not mind having a small collection.

    Well my random act of kindess will be sending out some cards to some of my fave peeps that I have made through this wonderful world of blogs. I also want to send more cute happy drawing texts to make people smile and know they are being thought of---hint hint--:D I am trying to think of other ways to bring smiles because it makes me feel good.

  18. these are so adorable!

    lately, i've been reaching out to a friend that's having kind of a crazy life. she & her boyfriend have been having problems, and they just moved into a new apartment. I've been trying to spend alot of time with her, and basically just be a shoulder to cry on.

    other than that, I try to be my kindest when I'm at work--being polite and thoughtful when checking guests in and helping them out with room issues.

    amazing giveaway--i love that you're promoting a message behind it as well :)

  19. Oooh So cute, I think this weekend I will take my boyfriend out for a movie night since he is always the one that takes me out. great giveaway!

  20. oh.my.
    These are SO CUTE!
    I've been traveling all week, but when I get home tomorrow I won't be a grouch while we unpack ;)

  21. I am buying school supplies for my sister and the school that her kids go to.. and I am sponsoring two girls in childfund.org! Check it out if anyone is interested :)

  22. My random act of kindness is nothing huge really.

    My closest bud is a bit sick and so yesterday and the day before I spent all my time chatting with her and making her laugh. Because she was quite sick and stuck in bed.

    Then someone on twitter is following me just to reach 1000 followers so I thought I'd just follow back ma anyway, i usually don't follow back as I am new to twitter so I STILL have few clues as to what I am doing or going on there LOL

    I am getting glasses and my Mama asked the Optometrist if I am going to go as blind as her (she has really bad eyes) and I couldve sworn that she was about to cry, so I was like No Ma he said it's not that bad!!

    Again don't know if this is kindness or not, just shooting it anyway! At least I got to drool over the dolls lol! Janel if you could just message me to tell me if I am ACTUALLY following you because you aren't in my feeds for some reason, I'd really appreciate that. Can just mail me/comment!

  23. ooooh! these are so cute! i love them!!


  24. i've been working all day today to help my mom get ready to sell the house! it's a lot of work!


  25. These are ADORABLE!!

    My random act was sending i love you cards to a lot of my friends back home. I hope they will make them smile! (I have recently moved across the world...)

  26. Hi! My random act of kindess was when I was at Mcdonalds having lunch with my kids. There was a lady with her three kids sitting at a table waiting for the Dad to finish filling out a job application. I could hear the kids asking their Mom for hamburgers in spanish and the kids looked longingly at my kids' happy meals. Before we left, I went to the counter and ordered 3 happy meals for the kids and asked the employee to give them to the kids.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  27. Oh what a nice giveaway!

    My sis got me my first Momiji doll for my birthday i april - she looks soooo lonely and could use a friend ud there on her shelf!

    My husbands oldest brother and his wife had twins in feb. and we are surprising them this sunday, by babysitting the girls! The girls have an older brother who feels a bit "forgotten", so he could use some alone time with his mum and dad :-)

  28. Ah Janel, you're saving!!! They are too cute though. My random act of kindness would be to ask you which one you liked best and let you keep it for you babies room :)

    You can send me the note though :D

  29. I sent my friend Alice an email which made her smile! =)

  30. Every time I'm in a drive thru and remember I pay for the person behind me and drive away. They never know who did it and I hope it brightens their day a little bit.

    These little dolls are so cute, they do make me smile, now I want to collect them.

  31. These are sweet. We are helping pay for a friend's motorcycle tire so they can go to Sturgis one last time...He didn't know were were going to help with the purchase, so I beleive that that is random :)! I will try and do something more today :)!

  32. These are really cute dolls. Thanks for the giveaway! Periodically, I pay for the coffee of the person behind me. Reading your blog this morning reminded me to do it this morning. Thanks for that!

  33. I didn't know these cute dolls untill now and ... I'm loving them!! Hope can buy these also in my country, they're now on my wishlist :).

    Kindness: just be there, say nice things without wanna have something back. (and making cupcakes with funny faces on them to make him laugh).

  34. Wow, those things are so cute...
    Act of kindness... Sending a pair of earrings in the mail, just because!

  35. My random act of kindness is that I'm sending out "thank you" cards to a lot of people who have helped me out at work lately! So fun and I know it will make them happy to receive them! :)

  36. These are SO cute! I'm in love. My act of kindness for the day has already happened.... I have a client who's birthday is today. Because I am unsure of whether she has anyone to help her celebrate, I went out and got a delicious cupcake, stuck a candle in it and presented it to her. It made her day.

  37. Really cute!! Id love one!! I really enjoyed helping a friend with her newborn/breastfeeding questions this week! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  38. These are adorable!!

    This week I mailed out some random "happy mail" to online friends.
    I also helped someone who was lost find their way to their dr's appt:)


  39. Haha what cute little dolls! And congrats on almost 1,000 followers! That's amazing.

    I'm planning on printing out a lot of little cards (from Operation Nice & Yes and Yes) and leaving them all around for people to find! Plus I've got another project on the go that I'm keeping hush hush for now, I'll be writing about it on my blog in a bit though!

  40. :) I follow~
    A random act of kindness I am going to do this week is surprise my husband with a lesson for both of us to try paddle surfing (http://utahpaddlesurfing.com) on a lake. I do a lot on my own so I wanted to try something that both of us would enjoy! I am super excited!

  41. Aww! That secret note thing just made them so much cuteer!!

    This week - I am going to leave a little note to say good morning to the new employees at work!

  42. My random act of kindness was letting my brother borrow my car, even though his track record hasn't been amazing!

  43. What a fun giveaway! Let's see, my random act of kindness this week had to be letting an employee at the movie theater know that I used the last of the toilet paper. I would hate to have to use the bathroom without any.


  44. ok so i totally forgot to say what i was going to do thats kind... I think I will tell my postman how much he is appreciated tomorrow!! I am also baking my neighbors a cake for how much they have helped me with my yard since the hubby has been deployed.

  45. These are SOOO cute and I love that they hold secrets! My random act of kindness was being the "Dish Fairy" at my brother's house and cleaned their whole kitchen...just for the heck of it. Felt good.... :)

  46. those are too freakin cute!

    Random act of kindness. . . I like to bring friends and family starbucks out of the blue. :-) they like it too!

  47. Oh my, these are so adorable. This week I made gift bags for a group of soldiers deploying overseas. Candy, toys that make fart noises, and all sorts of goodies. It feels so nice to send them off with a little piece of home.

  48. The most lovely random act of kindness I heard of once was someone at a coffee shop paying for the person behind them. Apparently this started a chain reaction of that which wasn't broken for over 2 hours! That would be crazy, lovely! ;)

  49. janel, you are the cutest girl alive.
    honestly - you're so sweet:)
    i love this idea!!!!
    & those dolls are precious ;;

    my random act of kindness this week -

    since i recently moved to toronto, my grandparents are so sad & miss me lots. so i sent them a really sweet card in the mail with my new "miss you" stamp all over the outside. just thinking about how happy it will make them makes me happy too


  50. i try and do one random act of kindness a day actually...whether it be to tell a friend that she looks pretty and give a compliment or to hold the door open...other things that are fun to do is buy someone an unexpected present or send someone a letter in the mail telling them how wonderful they are; big or small, random acts of kindness are so fun!

    also...i LOVE these dolls! i collect the kimmi dolls which are similar to these ones and they are just as cute!! this would be cute to start a similar collection - sisters!! haha.

  51. Anonymous30 July, 2010

    Oh my gosh these are SOOOO cute! I want them soooo badly.

    I actually did a random act of kindness this week. I gave away my barely used skateboard (I really wanted to learn how to skateboard once upon a time, but never got around to it) to a younger kid in the neighborhood. He ran up and down the street yelling, "I got a skateboard! YESSSS!!!!"

  52. I'm 9 weeks pregnant and have been pretty horrible to my husband lately...poor fella. The cranky mood swings seem to hit when I'm around him.

    When I get home after Renegade SF this weekend, I will treat him like the amazing husband and father that he is...and be super duper nice and loving. He deserves it.

  53. Anonymous30 July, 2010

    These are so cute i hope im not too late! A random act of kindness i did this week was trying to be as friendly and polite to people as i could to brighten their day


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