07 July 2010

Prompt 25

After today, we only have 5 more prompts!!! Oh my goodness, sadness!  I have had so much fun doing this challenge with you all :)

Journal Prompt 25:  I want you to think about your day today.  If you had to describe to me in one word, or one short phrase what would it be??  Us this phrase or word repeatedly on your page, trying out new fonts :)

My Page:

Today, Adam and I had both had to have some tests done at the hospital, so my day was filled with a lot of "What if's?"  I always have so many silly anxieties about these kind of things, even though I know we are both fine :)  I can't wait to see what kinds of new fonts you try out.  I heart fonts a lot :)
I can't help it :) lol!
Ok, I am having a garage sale this weekend so i have a ton of packing stuff up and pricing things so I am offline tonight!


  1. good luck with your sale!

  2. Gaah! Only five left???! What shall I do when this is over??? It is so fun to see all contributions and interpretations. It is also really fun doing some drawing every day, with a mission and then to put it out there in the open. :o)

  3. Thanks for doing the 30 day challenge (even though I'm about 20 days behind!!!!)

    I gave you the sunshine award! Just wanted you to know! http://karissejoy.blogspot.com/2010/07/sunshine-award.html

  4. OK just posted my work on my blog. This on was easy. HAPPY - may day has been so good. Hope your´s has been good to. I can not believe that his is almost over :(


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