03 July 2010

custom quilt

Well, it is time for me to to clean off my sweet Bernie and put her to work :)  This week I have been using her as a showcase to place some of my favorite things so that I can look at them while I journal!! Our journal challenge is almost complete and I am super excited to be working on a new project.
My sweet friend, Lindsay has been asking me to make her a quilt ever since she visited my house and saw the collection of quilts that I have made in the past :)
Anyways, we joke about it a lot and this past week we were Skyping and she asked me seriously :)
I am actually pretty honored that such a talented lady would want me to make her a custom quilt!!
We talked price, we talked fabric, we talked business and I officially started on her quilt last night!!
Lindsay chose this super cute collection of fabrics by Amy Butler called Kissing Booth (love the name).

She ordered the fabric, shipped it to me and I began the loooooong process of cutting all of the squares.  I am doing 6x6 squares and there are 90 squares so it will be a decent sized quilt.
I am sooooo excited!!

Ironing is my least favorite part so I enlisted Indie to iron all 90 of the squares last night :)

Seriously, what a champ!  It took him almost two hours to iron them all but in the end, the look perfect!
Can I get a shout out to my amazing husband <3 love you!
Tonight I am going to lay out all of the squares and try to come up with the perfect layout for the quilt.
This is one of the longest steps for me but also one of my favorites.  I love to choose which square will look best with which and so on.  I can't wait. I will definitely continue to document the process of this quilt on le blog (especially for Lindsay).
Also, if you would like a custom quilt, just ask and I am sure that we can set something up!!
Ok, off to lay out squares.

p.s.  I have the cuuuuutest boy spending the night tonight....
Mr. Picasso and I are going to quilt, watch the Degrassi marathon and snuggle all night. deal?


  1. oh my gosh!!! This quilt is going to be so amazing, and the fabric is so gorgeous!!! I think the name is absolutely perfect!! I am the one honored that YOUR making it for ME!!! :) Thank you for posting the process too, it's going to be so awesome seeing it coming together! Love you pretty lady! You are the best!!

  2. Degrassi?? I used to be so hooked on that show!! :)

  3. i loove this post! the fabrics are gorgeous... i wish we could quilt together..

  4. I would love a custom quilt at some point. Could you email me estimated cost, etc? Thanks lady! :)

  5. By the way, I love the sock monkey dog bed! Did you make or buy that?

  6. I believe the fabric you're using is by Heather Bailey. The line is "Nicey Jane" and the colorway is called "Kissing Booth". I love those fabrics! You should check out my quilting and fabric shop!



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