21 July 2010

little updates :)

As requested, I have added a donation button on the blog over there ---------->  I kind of felt silly putting it on my page but I have had more than a few people ask that I do it, and it makes me smile to know that so many people care to help out with our adoption in any way that they can.  I also added a cute little goal tracker as well.  It was kind of long so it didn't fit anywhere without getting cut off but then I realized that I could put it at the bottom of the page as a "footer" and it fit :)
I like to take my goals in steps, and the same goes with this process I am finding.  Our final goal is our baby, obviously, but there are a million little steps in between to get there.  
Just to get started with an agency and the initial home-study is going to cost us about $5,000, so we set our goal there.  As soon as we have that first $5,000 it's a go!!  
With the overwhelming support of the online class and all of those sweet bottles of change being sent in, we are already at.. $827.19.  Isn't that amazing!!  Every time money gets put into our pay pal account, the little tracker moves closer to the goal. I think it's so cute :) 
Yesterday I mentioned the cutie pie badges that Lindsay was selling in her shop and later in the day, I saw this sweet post by another amazing friend, Amy!!
Check it out  (from her blog):

I definitely want to play a little part in Bringing Home Pita. I've chosen the Home print for this very reason...

It's a 5x7 high-quality print for only $7... and all proceeds go towards Adam and Janel's adoption cause. Please support this amazing family. :)

I cried when I read the post :)  I am turning into such a crier lately.  good cries though, happy cries :)  I guess this is something that I always figured Adam and I would have to go at alone.  The figures become a bit daunting but when a baby and a family is your end goal you tend to look past all of that.  To know that there are actually other people out there, some who I have never even met, contributing to our family and showing their love literally blows me away.
I love you, all of you, so much that you don't even know :)


  1. Anonymous22 July, 2010

    Yay! I am so glad you put a ticker, its great.

  2. your ticker is so cute and what an awesome idea.

    I am not the one receiving all this love but I can feel it. The love that is being shown for you is giving me the biggest goosebumps. Just when I thought this world was filled with bad people and hatred you come along.( I need to lay off the news ) I am so happy to have this blog world to show me that there's awesome people in the world.
    I send you and Adam all the happiness in the world. love ya gina

  3. janel...
    you are such an amazing person
    this is SOOOO going to happen for you, i know it!
    and i am SO happy for you:)
    i plan to donate soon


  4. Thanks for putting up the donation button!!! I hope to contribute some more as I get a little more money. I know it's not a lot, but I do know adoption is super expensive and every bit helps!!!

    You have TONS of support from all of us, and I know we will all rejoice on the day that little Pita comes home :-)

  5. Soo exciting! The little ticker is such a cute idea. And I love that print! Soo cute.

    You are going to be such a great Mom!

  6. Anonymous22 July, 2010

    great little ticker! also there is a great blog about open adoption that might interest you as well:



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