02 July 2010

Prompt 19

So, today's journal prompt is brought to you directly from my dad :)  This prompt was his suggestion and I love it!!  Thank you dad for being so creative!!

Journal Prompt 19:  Today I want you to create a "guide to your city."  What are the must-see things that you would want a visitor to experience in your city.  This can guide can be for your city, town, or state.  I am really excited to see these and to maybe even use them in my future when traveling!!  Have fun with this!!!

My page:

Here is my little illustrated guide to St. Louis, Missouri :)  There really are so many amazing places to visit when you come here and here are just a few of my MOST favorite places.
Have fun!!


  1. wow, that's such a good prompt.
    well done janel's dad (:

  2. such a fun prompt! I'm gonna work on it once i'm done with the studying for tomorrow's exam! :)

  3. this is crazy because i actually just found out that i will be in st. louis in august for work. if you have any thrifting / vintage shopping recommendations, i would loooove to hear them!


  4. I didn't realize you live in St. Louis! I'm going to St. Louis on a mission trip at the end of July :)

  5. J-girl, now I see where you get your awesome creative gene from.....well done John!!! I think this will be a fun project to do with the grand kids and then take them to the places and check them off one by one. ..... hmmmm I feel summer fun coming along soon! Love you toots!

  6. Forest Park AND TED DREWS!!!! My cousins live in St Louis and I know and love everything on your list. You need to make that into a postcard ;) GREAT prompt.

  7. What a great prompt! Your dad deserves a pat on the back. I will have to be pretty creative with this one, I live in a boring suburb.

  8. I love this! okay I seem to be loving more and more of the prompts lately.

    I love your drawing of the bird. You did an amazing job on it.

    I will be working on this and finishing up two other pages I started.
    love ya gina

  9. LOL this one is hard for me, I´v been thinking about it and I´ll promise I´ll work on it and will not skip it. But for now I just posted a photo a took down town in my city in the old part of Reykjavik - Iceland so if you like to take a look go to my blog.


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