10 July 2010

Prompt 28

TWO more days!!

Journal Prompt 28:  What are you most looking forward to?  This can be something tomorrow, in a month, a year, or way into the future :)

My Page:

No! I am not pregnant :) But oh geeze, I have a serious case of baby fever today :)  Well, I actually have it every day but today Adam and I had a long discussion about our upcoming adoption plans and it got me even more excited!!  I seriously can not wait to be a mom and to see Adam as a dad :)  What are you looking forward to the most ??


  1. Oh I love your page today! I am most looking forward to the same thing. I really hope it is in God's will for me & Seth to be parents. We keep praying! :)

  2. Anonymous11 July, 2010

    Babies. I'm looking forward to BABIES.
    Tyler is going to make suuuch a good daddy.
    P.s. have you seen tyler's Twitter picture lately??? Holy crap, he's adorable.
    Other than that? I'm looking forward to collegeee!

  3. I love this page so so much! I wish you all the best in your dreams!

  4. hey janel! just wanted to tell you i am going to START your 30-day journal challenge SOON! haha i had a busy month and my start date kept getting pushed back, so i figured once you finish, i might just START! haha, at least it will give you some new entries to keep looking out for for the next 30 days! haha <3

    i have a NEW blog, and i'll post them there and on the Flickr group once i start!:
    plus i think *hope* you actually might enjoy my blog too- we have so much in common (among tons of the same interests, i'm in art school too and hope to be a teacher!)


  5. oh that is so sweet! I cant wait to meet mr right and move into an amazing house with my own garden. big yet simple dreams :)


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