30 July 2010

renovation part two

Well hello!
Our renovation is still going on and we are making lots of progress to a super amazing kitchen and bathroom!
I feel super accomplished :)
The great thing about my aunt and uncle (well, one of the great things) is that they let us help out with all of the work too!! They explain the process, what each tool does and why, and they let us participate in all of the work. 
It really feels good to know that I was actually a part of everything that is happening plus I am learning some skills.
Need dry wall hung?,  ok :)
Want ceramic tiling done? , I'm your girl!!
(Well, ok, I'm not quite to pro status yet :D)
I really am having so much fun with this project and my heart is overwhelmed with gratitude to my aunt and uncle for all of the help the are giving us.  We are super blessed :)
Here are some updated pics of the reno from yesterday and today:

we can finally say goodbye to the wet saw for now though, because all of the tile work is FINISHED!! We have new tile floors in both spaces and a newly tiled shower :D

So, for five days now, I have been covered in dust and tile scraps, I have scratches all over my arms from broken tile.  I have only worn yucky work clothes and absolutely no make-up.  My skin and hair both feel completely dried out (I have gone through an entire bottle of lotion).  That is obviously why there are NO pictures of me at all from this project so far. DISGUSTING let me tell you!! 
BUT, I did find a picture of me in my iphoto library that I took before a wedding I went to last weekend.  I actually needed to look at it because I almost forgot what I look like normally! lol!!
So, here I am, in better days :)

night loves!!
p.s. who watched Project Runway?!  Go A.J.!!!


  1. i totally watched runway! which 1 was aj? ur fam sounds fab. remodeling is the worst. it should B on the top stressors of life list.

  2. Wow, lookin good!!
    Oh & I love that necklace your wearing in that picture, alot :)
    xo, Jamie

  3. Awesome! Things are looking good! :)

  4. Looking good!!! Can't wait to see the finished product! And I'm sure you're still gorgeous even without make-up :-)


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