18 July 2010

a great mail week

I don't know about you but I have become a tad bit obsessed with checking the mail :)  Actually, I have always been kind of obsessed with it really.  When I was little my mom had enrolled me in a couple of international pen pal programs, plus I would write weekly letters to my grandparents (grandparents that I probably saw on a weekly basis too).  I have always loved sending and receiving mail.  It's my thing.  I even had a stamp collection when I was little!  Ha!  Yes, the nerdy stamp collector...that would be me.
Anyway, now that I blog, and have become friends with so many people around the world, and have found amazing groups like Happy Mail, Postcrossing, and The Pen Pal Project, my mail box is a much happier place to visit :)
This week, has been an exceptionally great week for mail.  How about a little peek into my mailbox eh?
1.  After professing my love for Canada here on my blog, my sweet Canadian friend Jules sent me an envelop jam packed with Canadian surprises!!!
I love everything so much Jules!!  Thank you!! xo

2.  After this post all about scissors, my friend Katherine sent me a link to these amazing fair trade scissors from Greenheart in Chicago.

They were so beautiful online and they are even more beautiful in person.  I love them.

3.  Meet Toots!  This cute fawn was handmade by my amazingly talented friend Lindsay.

She is currently living near my buttons :)  You can get one too, right here in Lindsay's shop.

4.  My other amazingly talented friend, Carol, made me this gorgeous granny square pillow.  In love.

She also threw in this adorable little crocheted whale...made me melt :)
Carol is a professional at crochet and has a great shop as well that you should probably check out :)

5.  And finally, loads and loads of pen pal letters have been coming in.
It is so fun to get to know people through letters. I am having a great time with this project :)
Dear Mail,
I love you. Keep it coming.
Love, Janel
Tomorrow is Monday!  Which for me means, the start of VBS :)  I am the crafts teacher this year, and Im pretty excited!!  Have a great week friends.


  1. Wow! The pillow made it to you already!? Awesome! It looks great in that chair! :)

    I love all the cuteness in this post! Thanks for sharing!

  2. You can also go to this website and get penpals.:)

  3. Sooo fun!! I love it all too!! I still have a bunch of penpal letters to write but I am working on it!! :) It is soooo great!

  4. What fun mail! I love my toots, both my little girl and the fawn, lol! I saw the pillow on Carol's blog, fell in love! I hope that your week of VBS goes wonderfully! Have a super day!

  5. Your mailbox looks like SO much more fun than mine!! All I get is bills and junk mail...oh, and credit card applications. Boo.

  6. wow you did have an awesome mail week. Glad Toots arrived to you safely! The pillow Carol made is sooo pretty and that whale!!! so cute!! Love yoU!!

  7. How exciting! I can't wait to have a more permanent address so I can do Postcrossing! My cousin has been into it for a few years. I would love some happy mail like that :)

  8. ooooh! so many pretties! i think i may sign up for some happy mail! i think those groups are the sweetest idea.. because I used to have pen pals too! one of the is still my best friend!

  9. I love mail! Unfortunately I was a bit too late to sign up for the pen pal project, but hopefully next time I'll remember in time! My last few blog posts have been all about pretty packages.

  10. There is nothing better than receiving nice mail. Beats bills any day.

    You have very creative friends!

    Sofia x

  11. Oh, have you checked out Swap-Bot.com? I think it's real neat. It's the best, actually. :D

  12. hi,

    Love your new blog;), and i also love penpals, and cute mail. I love to send it out and also to receive hihihi..


  13. Thanks so much for doing the crafts in VBS.....I REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!!

  14. HEY GORGEOUS!!!!
    so glad you liked everythingggg:)
    i just had to do it, hehehe <3

    i have been M i A the last week in the blog world but i am going to catch up and read all your entries

    you're the best

  15. i did crafts at our VBS this year...i had the pre-k kids. we did lots of gluing :)


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