29 July 2010

cute shop alert!

 Check out this adorable shop!!  Plasticland is filled to the brim with cute cute products ranging from housewares, clothing, accessories, beauty, art, everything!!  I have seriously spent the last hour pouring over page after page of cuteness.  Here are some of my personal faves!!

Wow!!  I love it all!  Super cute, and super reasonable pricing too!! Have fun looking!! 
P.S. the new season of Project Runway starts tonight and what's even cooler is I actually KNOW one of the contestants :)  I actually heard that two of the contestants come from St. Louis :)  Now it is going to be even more fun to watch !!

p.s.  you should go check out this post, it makes my heart so happy!!! 


  1. woooo hooo! so cute! thanks for sharing! you're a doll!


  2. I have that timer haha I got it at Joanns for $1

  3. i love plasticland, they are great people to work with :)

    just wanted to stop by and let you know your happy mail will be in the mail tomorrow. i'm SO sorry it's late but i hope it'll be worth it :) xo

  4. ok, its official im in love. these items are too stinkin cute.


  5. omg how do you know one of the designers?! so cool!! i like AJ and i also really like sarah. <3 when does your class start?


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