23 July 2010

An amazing giveaway...

for a super great cause!!
My best friend Jamie is having a giveaway to raise money for MS awareness!  This giveaway is jam packed with tons of cool items from some very talented artists and bloggers :)

Here is what Jamie says on her blog about it:

How do you win all these goodies????
It's a blog raffle to benefit M.S.!
As you know, I was diagnosed with MS in January, 2009. It's my goal this year to raise money & awareness for this disease.
For each dollar that you donate to our Team Inspired for our local MS Walk, you will be entered to win! This will be my only fundraiser, other than my Shrinking for a Cure, that I'll be doing for M.S. this year. Let's make a difference for those fighting this incredibly unpredictable, painful & crippling disease. For more information about Multiple Sclerosis, please visit the National MS Society here.  Each and every dollar matters.
(Previous donations do not count. New donations only count for this raffle please.)

Go here to donate.
(Click "donate to Jamie". Please note: All donations go directly to the National MS Society.)
All you have to do is donate and I will get all the names for the raffle drawing from my Team Inspired page. Please e-mail me anytime if you have any questions!!!!

The winners will be announced in two weeks, on Friday, August 6th!!!!
Please help spread the word about the raffle as well!!!!
Thank you sooo very much!!!!

Also, a HUGE "Thank You!!!" to all of you who donated prizes for this cause. It means the world to me and I appreciate you soooo very much!!!!!!

Good Luck!

Now, head on over to Jamie's blog and join in on the giveaway fun!!!!

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