17 July 2010

a busy bee

It has been such a busy busy weekend so far!!  I seriously feel like this is the first time that I have been able to sit down long enough to write a blog!!  Crazyness.
Here is a little run down :
1.  went to an art exhibit at the History Museum with artifacts and art from the Vatican.
I was standing in front of blueprints written by Michelangelo...amazing.
2.  I saw a fragment of Paul's (as in the apostle Paul) bone.  crazy
3.  dinner on The Hill at Pietro's
4.  frozen custard at Ted Drew's
5.  Decorated for VBS next week
6.  hung out with my aunt and her new puppy :)
7.  Skype dates and pen pal letters to write
8.  journal class management details :)

1.  garage sales with mom and dad
2.  replaced two stolen geocaches and set out one new one
3.  post office
4.  library
3.  picked out my new glasses!!! (the are 100% made out of recycled materials, and they are hot)!
4.  got new tires on my mom's car with her
5.  got Adam a new outfit for wedding reception
6.  went to my friend Laura's wedding (she was sooo beautiful)
7. wedding reception (so much fun with my girls from college)!! I love them so much :)
8. now :)

And now, since that was a lot of words, here are some iphone pics from this week too!!
my two favorite puppies :)  Catalina and Picasso are quickly becoming best friends :)

This week I went to look at cabinets for our kitchen and went to use the restroom there.  This is the control panel that was in the stall that controlled the toilet!!!  Are you kidding me?!?  Amazingness :)  Also, the seats were heated.  Isn't that so random?

my favorite purse <3

not even half of all of my mom's Madame Alexander dolls that we are selling.  
I want one of these vintage baby bottle holders with the glass bottles in it for my someday baby's room.  This one was missing a bottle so I passed on it.

And speaking of antique malls...see that picture, my dad took that picture at a car show back when I was in college, the frame is just an old frame from my grandma's house.  We sold that at our garage sale last year for a dollar.  Apparently, whoever bought it is selling it at the antique mall for $12.  I was dying when I saw it.  It hung in our basement for years!!  My dad even drove over from work to see his picture there :)

and finally the lovely History Museum :)  I am so amazed at the all of the amazing detail work people used to put into things, like this building.  People don't take that much time anymore when creating things.  Those little details are soooo special!!

Ok, Im exhausted, I am going to curl up with new book and relax a bit before heading to bed.  I love you all and I hope each of you are having just as awesome of a weekend!

p.s.  there are only 4 more spots left in the journal class!!!


  1. What a huge busy weekend! You must be exhausted.
    I had a laugh at the toilet controls you posted, most of the toilets in Japan were like that, I loved the heated seats!

  2. Sounds like a jam packed weekend! Haha those controls for the toilet are hilarious. I've seen a few (photos) of similar ones in Asia. And that's so funny about your dad's photo!

  3. awwww I love this! busy weekends are lots of fun!!! hope you have a great day!! I love you!

  4. whoa that toilet is intense! haha!

  5. oh wow thats so funny about your dads picture. looks and sounds like you have had a busy weekend.

  6. sounds like you had a crazy busy weekend! I'm so excited for your newest journal class, and blogged about it here: http://nae-say.blogspot.com/2010/07/journal-for-cause.html


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