06 July 2010

Prompt 24

Journal Prompt 24:  What is your most favorite place in the world?  Is it a country, a town, a room, a secret place that no one else knows about?  I know you have one, I want to see it!!

My Page:
My favorite little place is in the tee-pee that is in my living room.  My sister made me this for my birthday this year and it's like a little eden here at home.  I journal here, read here, and craft in here sometimes too.  Catalina (my chihuahua) seems to think that she owns the entire tee-pee now that I put her little pet bed in there.  It's cute.  We snuggle in there too!  
Here are some real life photos of my tee-pee :)

and here is a little peek of the inside decor too :)

Ok journal friends, have fun with this one :)  I can NOT wait to see what you come up with!!  Have a great Wednesday.


  1. Hi!
    Im giving you the Sunshine and the Versatile awards!


  2. OMG. Can I have a teepee too? It looks wonderful in there. What is the teepee made of?

  3. Ohhh!! Your teepee is incredible!! :)
    I love it and have teepee envy! ;)
    hehehe x

  4. Oh WOW this is so cool, what a sweet place you have there:)
    I just posted my work on my blog.

  5. That teepee is awesome! I want one now! :)



  6. Anonymous07 July, 2010

    I like your teepee. It looks soooo cosy. I think if I had one I would be more motivated than I am to write stories.

  7. Oh man...I want a teepee to journal, craft & read in! That's so cool. Think your sister will be mad if I copy her brilliant idea?!

    BTW, I still love this journal challenge. I'm sad for it to end :(

  8. Anonymous07 July, 2010

    Wow! That teepee is amazing!! It looks like it just oozes creativity. I bet you do your best work when surrounded by it's awesomeness!

  9. i love this! i can't to come and visit you so we can hang out and have smores in your teepee! :)


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