15 July 2010

Code for Cool Kids!!!

I could not be more excited to announce this AMAZING class that Courtney is offering!!
I am already signed up :)  
Have you ever wanted to make your blog super cute but not had the money to pay a web designer to do it??
 I know I have :)  Well, now you can do it with Courtney's help in this awesome 4 week online class!!
Here are the details!!!

Big news coming from Courtney Bruesch Photography+Design: The first online class!

In this class we will be teaching you how to edit your HTML / code for your Blogspot blog to completely customize it and make it ‘you’ and how to clean it up and make it more professional looking. Help your blog and help your online business!

The details:
-Class will start on the 9th of August and will run for 4 weeks
-Cost: $40, view full price listing here (see below for special!)
-It will be held on a private blog, and there will be new posts daily throughout the week.
-'HTML Yourself' specific formspring for any questions you don't want to publicly ask
-Technical support will be available through the entire duration of the class as well as up to a month after the class has ended. All you have to do is send us an email!
We will cover most information of customizing your blog starting with the basics and moving up to more advanced alterations. We are even taking suggestions to ensure that we cover EVERYTHING needed and wanted in the class!

This class would be great for you if:
-You don't feel like you can alter your blog by yourself without messing up.
-You don't have enough money to shell out for a professional blog design
-You need technical support from experienced design / HTML bloggers along the way
-You need the support of the blog community to help you with your blog
-You want to have tons of fun with blogging!

What you need:
-A Blog that you want to make totally ‘you’.
-An email address so that we can provide technical support
It's that easy! Interested? Here is a link to the 'HTML Yourself' class on Etsy.

As a special 'I Heart Run With Scissors (and Janel!)' promotion all of Janels readers will recieve $10 off this class! All you have to do is email me at Courtney_Bruesch (at) Yahoo (dot) Com and I will create a reserved listing just for you! Hurry though, there are a limited number of positions for the first run of this course.

Now, go sign up!!!! see you in class :)


  1. Oh that is SO cool! I wish I had the money, but hopefully Courtney will have another HTML class :)



  2. Anonymous15 July, 2010

    Fun! Just emailed her. :)

  3. Fantabulous! I'm in bed but will be emailing courtney in the morning :) yays! Thanks girlios!

  4. Yay I'm excited for this! :) Thanks.

  5. this is rad. and would have been helpful before i started building websites for a living! haha.

    very cute idea!

    ♥ http://www.allisterbee.blogspot.com

  6. Anonymous17 July, 2010

    I tried to copy your html code to link from my blog, but all of it wasn't visible... hmmmm

  7. Anonymous17 July, 2010

    Sorry, I haven't quite figured out if there is a way to personally message someone, but that message was for Janel... (the comment)-- I tried to put your little blog tag over on my blog with my list of favorite blogs, but the html code is being cut off.. can't copy all of it for some reason. Sorry for the confusion.


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