04 July 2010

Prompt 22

Today marks week FOUR of the journal prompt challenge!!  Also, I want to say happy 4th of July again :)  Today is definitely one of my favorite holidays out there.  Since today is a holiday for some of us, I thought that I would do a journal prompt all about holidays!!

Journal Prompt 22:  Today I want to know what your favorite holiday is!!  There are soooo many holidays out there and the cool thing is that they differ depending on where you live, your family, and your religion.  Teach me all about your favorite holiday and why it's your favorite :)

My page:

I have a lot of favorite holidays really. It seems that all of my favorites are the more obscure ones too!  
So, today I am going to illustrate the first favorite holiday that popped in my head.  Guy Fawkes Day :)  Every Guy Fawkes day my dad and I call each other to say, "Remember remember the 5th of November..."  It's a tradition.  Guy Fawkes Day also happens to be the day that I put up my Christmas tree and all of my decorations.  

Ok, and speaking of journals...I have decided to re-list my vintage ruffle journals in my etsy shop :)
I have had a few people email me asking if I could list these again and last night, I whipped up a couple to put in the shop :)

"You will absolutely love this CUTE journal completely hand-crafted and illustrated by me!
Each journal has 36 pages full of original illustrations and journal prompts!!
This journal promises to keep all of your secrets.
pinky swear.
The cover is card stock with a sweet fabric ruffle sewn down the side.
I am obsessed with cute details like that :)
Journals are 4.5"x5.5" which is the perfect size keep with you at all times!"
Eeeek!! They are totally customizable as well. I left the cover blank so that you can add your style to it.
Some pages have prompts too!!  These would be a great journal to work on after our 30 Day journal challenge!!
Ok, have fun loves :)


  1. Perfect! I have my journal from you saved and now I think I am going to work on it when this is over (in a week?! Nooo!)

    I still can't wait for journal challenge 2.0!
    It's amazing to see this journal fill up daily...I just love it and it makes me so happy!

  2. As soon as I have a little extra cash (aka mommy's me money), one of these has gotta be mine! I totally love them!

  3. Anonymous05 July, 2010

    a) v for vendetta is the ess-h-eye-tee.
    b) will you email me a drawing of an owl to use as a tattoo??

  4. I'm only starting the challenge today! I've done all the hints in one morning and I'll be keeping up with the rest! Loved doing it. x

  5. oh janel, those journals are so precious.

  6. I.Love.Your.Journals.. well obviously!! soooo cute!!! So glad you are relisting them!! Love you!


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