13 October 2009

Where The WIld Things Are

I ABSOLUTELY can not wait to see Where The Wild Things Are!! As an art teacher and former first and second grade teacher, I am obviously a lover of children's books and this has always held a special place in my heart.
Here are some lovely photo stills from the movie:

I also saw these Where The Wild Things Are monster suits created by Christen Joy: on the Urban Outfitters blog <3

And speaking of Urban Outfitters, when I was there in Kansas City a few weeks ago, they had an entire section of dedicated to the movie. Here were some of my favorite things that I saw:
I totally had to get this shirt:

The rest will just have to stay on my wishlist <3

I also wanted to say that I downloaded the soundtrack from iTunes and it is absolutely magical. Great music to create lovely things to :)
Oh and on a completely un-related note, I am posting a picture for Jamie of me and one of my most favorite people (who also happens to be one of hers too!)

Happy Tuesday!! Somebody is getting some RED put into her hair tonigh!! eeeeek <3


  1. i put red in my hair a couple weeks ago!! LOVED it! it really needs refreshing though (pre-baby preferably :) )

    yeah, so i sooooo want "where the wild things are" for baby k (and yes, i do feel like i'm about to pop!) so ready for this baby to be here!! :D

    hope you have a fantastic day!!


    ps the wild things soundtrack is on my wish list :) my brother the musical wonder will probably get it before i do, so i'm so bumming it off of him :D

  2. Yay!!!! This post makes me so happy!!! Love the Abe doll!! I just posted a pic on twitter of the shirt i'm wearing today. =)

    I can't wait to see the movie on Friday!!! And tomorrow's Inspired Wed is going to be totally dedicated to the movie! I'm soooo excited!!!! I'm sure I'll have to add the soundtrack to my list of wants!!!!

    Hope you're having a happy day, my dear!!! xoxo

  3. Yay! Joining the red haired people! I'm not a natural though, but really wish I was! Oh, you have my perfect job but working as a kid's specialist bookseller is ultra fun!! x

  4. oh my goodness. i adore abraham lincoln--he's for sure my favorite president.

    and, my manmate's older brother looks like him. not really. but i always call him abraham because he's really tall and lanky.

  5. oooh, and i can't wait to see your hair!!!

  6. holy i love your hair! you're so pretty!

  7. I've just ordered my tickets for the Saturday matinee of WTWTA! I've been so excited about this movie for so long.

  8. Well I guess if you're going to kiss another man it might as well be Honest Abe!

  9. i am sooooo excited to see this movie too!


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