24 October 2009

My Saturday...

via the iPhone (well, mostly) <3
Today I would loooooove to be here:

or even at the MO Botanical Gardens for this:

instead we are still "taking it easy." Adam wanted to take me to either place but I want him to do what is right for his heart right now and that is relaxing:)
Anyway, I thought that today would be a good day to document with my phone's camera, just for fun!
Here we go:
* Catalina took a ride with us to the bank, they give her treats :)

* We treated ourselves to Starbucks (no caffiene for Adam though). On a suggestion from Jari, I tried the Caramel Apple Spice with whipped cream. I'm pretty sure the only word to describe it was, "heavenly." more please!

* Hit up Trader Joe's for groceries and some more fall loveliness for the house:

* Saw these pretty berries somewhere :)

* Started to create my very own felt Native American head-dress (tonight I will embroider all of the little details).

* Got all of little Ruby's presents unwrapped and put into a shipping envelope to send instead :(
They are sooo cute though :)

I love how the little booties almost blend in with the leaves.
* Watched this cute movie:

So far, so good :)
This has been such a beautiful day, windows open, fresh air, gorgeous scenery....magical <3
I am currently crocheting all of my granny squares together to make an afghan (will get pics later). I have two rows done so far and eight more to go!!
Happy Weekend!
What are you fun weekend plans?


  1. aweeee. we'll miss you.
    send adam our love.
    you're the best. els

  2. ooh I've been wanting to see that movie too, maybe sometime this weekend yet.
    Also... like I can't believe you are making a granny square afghan already! WAY TO GO. Seriously like a little while ago you were so frustrated, and now you're like a machine!
    Ps: That felt headdress is adorable, and it sort of inspires me for Simon's costume.... I don't have enough time to make his 'latte' costume like I'd hoped.

  3. Love your day!!! Are you starting today with documenting your week??? I think I'm going to wait until Monday.

    Today has been a wonderful day with my boys. I took them to the new local library this morning. Brennon got 3 books and has been reading ever since!!!! Then we went to the pumpkin patch and got ice cream for their report card reward. I took loads of polaroids and pics and can't wait to share them!! Now I'm going to work on organizing my craft room and redoing some things around the house and hanging some pics and stuff!
    That TOMS event looks awesome! Didn't know about that.
    And I looove Away We Go.
    And caramel apple spice with whipped cream....yum!
    Glad you're having a wonderful day, Beautiful!!!! Love you!!!

    P.S. Sorry so long!!!!

  4. Cleaning, resting, getting ready for baby (so close)!! Wanting to create something but have to finish cleaning as it needs to be done and we have company tonight... Sounds like you're having a fun weekend!!


  5. awwww, you're a good wife. :-)
    i'm illustrating all weekend! :-)

  6. hi love! they are DELICIOUS huh?!? yesssss
    where is your cozy? :)
    cutest booties ever!
    love your pics!
    take it easy indies!

  7. Sounds like a wonderful Saturday! The weather today has been beautiful! I've been enjoying this sunshine!

  8. ok so I feel bad because a few weeks ago you said you wanted one of the green, yellow, brown granny clutches and then I kind of forgot about it. well...I made you one. That's what I did today! It'll be in the mail on monday. Think of it as a "pre-thank you" for the quilt that is coming my way! :o)

  9. ooh! i've never seen that movie, but i would like to.

    & ruby's present is the sweetest. i hope you have a good evening despite not being able to go to the shower. :]

  10. Those booties are darling. Glad the day was peaceful :) Love you lots!!


  11. Dang! Ruby is such a lucky little girl!!!

    Janel, I saw your grannies all stitched in rows and I'm SO excited to see that coming together! I can appreciate your current obsession since I'm working on mine right now. Kind of ready to have it finished!!!

    Yeah, love everything about this post.

  12. Love the flowers at Trader Joe's!!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

    =] Courtney

  13. i feel like your days are 50 hours long! lol! you do more in a day than i do all week! you're so inspiring! :)


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