26 October 2009

Color me Katie

I have been in love with this blog for quite sometime. I figured I would share it with you all so that you can fall in love too!
Katie is not only adorable, she is also insanely creative :)
She is a freelance photographer who come up with some of the most original and unique ideas. My favorites though are her "guerilla art" type things that she does around her neighborhood like:
cutting a bazillion pink hearts out of pink ducktape and decorating the streets and walls with them:

or cutting out giant paper shadows and gluing them around town:

or finiding something creative in pre-existing cracks:

She is sooo cool. How fun would it be to just decorate the world and make it prettier?
Here are some of my other favorite photos of hers:

love love love <3
To check out more of her awesomeness; check out her blog and her Flickr and by all means, leave her some comment love<3
Ok, nights!
Today we were back in the ER with Adam for his heart :( Poor guy. he has an appointment with a cardiologist tomorrow and is wearing a heart monitor 24x7 for the next 30 days...He's feeling great now and we will hopefully no more very soon!! Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers <3 We love them.


  1. This is great! I love seeing photographers who have a creative imagination on top of a good photographer's eye. Thanks for sharing this.:))

  2. Looove her so much! I wanna be just like her when I grow up. (I sent her an email once and told her that. Ha!)

  3. We are praying for Adam. Tell him if he needs to know anything about the heart monitor, I wore one for 30 days and know all about it. If you need us, just call!

  4. I love all of them. miss you love

  5. i love these photos!! they make me smile!

  6. she has such cute ideas!
    love her.
    and you! for sharing.

  7. Wow what beautiful photoraphy!
    Thanks for the new blog for me to check out! I always love reading new blogs!!
    Oh...you won the coffee coozie on my blog. I will mail it out to you this week. Congrats!

  8. Ahh yes! Katie, Love her work she is uber inspiring!

  9. omg she is amazing!totally inspiring!

  10. Definitely added her to my Google Reader. Thanks for the link, her photos are awesome!

  11. love the photos so much!! & Big Hugs to Adam and you! Tell him I said Hi please (Call me the arm painting girl ;) xox!


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