22 October 2009


Just because I was in a rush to get to the hopital yesterday does NOT mean that I didn't have time to grab the essentials :)

This was my hospital crochet kit that I threw together to pass the time while waiting for all of that good news that we recieved. I am making a granny chic clutch for a friend :) Today I will begin binding the squares together (I'm kind of excited to try this)!
I will post today's pic a little later :)
love you <3


  1. Ok, I'm impressed. I thought for sure you'd skip yesterday! ;)
    Love the colors! Beautiful!!!!

  2. I love this! Your granny squares are looking perfect! I need to learn how to make these.

  3. good luck today sending good thoughts you way

  4. i was also going to try some kind of clutch or coin purse with the granny squares. I'm excited to see yours

  5. Love it - that's funny...only you would think of grabbing your crochet needles on the way to the hospital!

  6. wow! im' obsessed! i want to make one!! neeeeed a tutorial!! :)

  7. Using my Tom's baggie is such a good idea! I've always wondered what to do with it.

    Great job on your grannies!


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