08 October 2009

more decor :)

**added more pics**

Here is the beginnings of my "Welcome" montage in my front hallway :) I looove all of these little details and I think it will make all who enter, feel very welcomed :D

and this is the ceramic jack-o-lantern that my mom's friend made for us as a wedding gift. I loooove having it out and all lit up.
** There are pumpkin pie candles burning and making my home smell soooo magical!
** Tonight is date night which means I get a lovely dinner made by my man, The Office (Omg Jim and Pam's wedding)!!, and a board game Im sure. That's how we roll :D
** I got another amazing Happy Mail package today that I will take pics of later (with my new phone :D) Thanks Angela!!

** I also received the cutest little baby shower present that I ordered for a certain someone today....sooooo cute!
** I have spent too much time finding cool apps for my phone :)
** But, I would love any suggestions for more "must-have" apps for the iphone!!


  1. Of course Facebook and Scramble...I am sooo totally addicted to that game :)

  2. love all of your decorations!

    i think it's so sweet that you have a date night, and that your hubby actually MAKES you dinner. so cute. melts my heart, for real.

  3. I can feel the fall-love it, looks great!

  4. Love it all! We love board games around here too well half of us do lol!

  5. i'm loving that elsie painting and custom pumpkin. how cute is that!!

  6. oh your front hall is verrrry verrrry cute! and welcoming :)

  7. Your welcome hall is sweet! and i love that pumpkin!

  8. in love with your entry way...

  9. i'm sorry but can i come visit or LIVE at your house??? it's SO CUTE!!

  10. OH MY GOD! I need that pumpkin with FARLEY on it :) That's amazing!

  11. Love your welcome entry! So cute!! I am addicting to finding apps too. My favorites that I use the most are:

    *shake it photo (polaroid app): you acutally have to shake the picture to have it develop into a polaroid

    *LOMO: I just downloaded this photo app and I believe it is on sale for 2.99 right now. It is the best thing EVER!!

    *Old Camera: takes great black and white and sepia pics.

    I hardly use my digital anymore because of these three photo apps.

    Let me know what you think!

    Oh...and I love the game sheep launcher. Makes me laugh every time I play!

    Have fun!!

  12. Oh, forgot to ask is that a LPS squirrel?? It is so stinking cute!!

  13. Amber- I was totally going to email you to see which apps you had because I am loving the pics on your blog!!
    And yes, a LPS squirell in a little acorn house!! It is soooo cute :)


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