11 October 2009

I'm still learning...

**There is a lot of talk in this post, but you want to read it all of the way until the end, TRUST ME :)

When you are at church, listening to the sermon, do you ever think that the pastor is speaking directly to you?? It happens to me a lot, and I actually really like it. I feel like it really keeps me in check.

Today's sermon was all about money.
The good and the bad when dealing with it.
Basically, the point was that it's what's in your heart that counts, not what is in your wallet.

It was based on Matthew 6:19-24
“Don’t store up treasures here on earth, where moths eat them and rust destroys them, and where thieves break in and steal. 20 Store your treasures in heaven, where moths and rust cannot destroy, and thieves do not break in and steal. 21 Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be."

That is such a good verse for me personally because I am a total treasure hunter. There are soooo many things that I find that I want (not need), and I buy them. And to be honest with you, Adam and I are in NO shape to be buying things just because we want them :)

Ok, so my pastor (who is the bomb btw) gave us four things that we can do to help us with this:

1. Make wise purchases
* is it necessary
* will it last?
* do I need this or do I want this?
2. Get rid of your clutter. Sell it, or better yet, give it away.
3. Learn about money management (there are tons of resources for this)
4. Keep God at the center of all things

He also said,
"The best cure for a greedy heart is to have a giving heart "<3

I feel like I can honestly say that I have a true giving heart. I'm a giver. I always have been and I always will be. It's my calling. BUT as I reflected on my life and on my treasures, I really felt the need to give something away that I truly treasure.

Here comes a give-a-way.
1. I wanted to give this special something to someone who I really care about. And in all honesty, my blog readers are some of my most favorite people in this world :) So, I am doing a give-a-way for you.

2. I am giving away one of my Elsie Flannigan original paintings:

Im giving this painting away for two reasons:

* I absolutely treasure Elsie's art, and creativity, and everything that that encompasses. BUT, I feel very very fortunate that I can call Elsie a friend and I treasure her friendship more than anything from her :) Thanks Els!!
(Got kind of teary when I wrote that because it is so true)

* The title of this painting is "I'm still learning." We are all still learning, still evolving, and still growing and I feel like this is one tiny step that I can take while I am learning how to be a better person :)

Does this mean I will never buy something just because I want it, no way.
I can promise you that I will be way more thoughtful when I make any purchases though which in turn will result in a better me for sure :)

** All you have to do is leave me comment and tell me something that you have recently learned. It can be a skill, a lesson, a language, a recipe, whatever!!
I will draw a winner next Sunday...via vlog I think :) Those are my favorites.


  1. I also have been doing a lot of learning recently. It's mostly been about faith. Faith that God knows what's going to happen next. Faith that He has my best interest at heart. Faith that he will fight for me.

    I think what you're doing is wonderful.

  2. This is sweet, Janel! I have learned this weekend that when I have a lot to lose, things that don't normally worry me are so much harder! I know all of the risk is worth the gain though. Love is worth it. xoxo

  3. janel, i think this is wonderful- i often find that in lectures and things, they are speaking directly to you. i love that feeling.
    i don't often comment on your blog (or others for that matter!), or @ you in twitter- but you do make me smile. like, a lot.

    this last year has taught me so much. i've been forced to slow down and really consider the amount of time and energy i spend on things. i've had to weigh up all of the things i get involved in and be strong. being strong is one of the hardest things for me- i often tell my boyfriend 'how can i be strong if i'm the one crying!', but then i suck it up and carry on. not giving up and giving in to my tiredness has been the hardest part overall (even though giving up things like riding my scooter has been REALLY hard too. haha). it's also made me realize how fortunate i am to have such wonderful parents that i can call friends. looking back i know i've learnt a lot but each week brings new challenges and yeah 'i'm still learning', i always will be.

    also, this is my favourite elsie girl painting. no joke. literally, out of all of them.

    sorry if that was really long. haha. i hope your week goes well! kimxo

  4. I am learning the importance of family and communication. Through a family death new doors have been opened, but with them have come drama. I see how my family is growing TOGETHER through this and it makes me so happy!

  5. Believe it or not, I have been thinking and learning about the same thing! Last night, in fact, Ronny and I decided to sponsor a little girl from Malawi! The money we've been spending on things that are mostly considered material things will be going towards this little girl and her family so that they can have things they need to survive!

  6. Wow, Janel, that is way too sweet! It is a good lesson and one I am definitely working on as my bf and I are on a tight budget as well -- and I tend to have shopaholic tendencies! I do give away a ton of items to Goodwill on a regular basis so that my apartment doesn't get too cluttered. It's the buying new stuff that I need to work on ;)

  7. Oh Janel. You and I have this in common. Sermons always get me thinking. I think the most recent thing that I've learned to do is this: try not to have so much anxiety over finances. Since Ian and I are getting married soon, there's a lot of pressure to be financially ready, but I don't think we ever will be. I'm learning to just take it in stride, take it one day and one obstacle at a time, and treat it as a grand adventure. :]

    I'll be posting a picture of your painting tonight and I can't wait until you see it!! AHHHHHHHH!

  8. We have been learning about this same topic at church lately. With the wedding plans in the works right now I am learning to have faith in God that He will provide... He has already provided SO much in these beginning stages and I know I need to hand what I am worrying about over to Him. Thanks for an inspiring post!

  9. i have learned that money cannot buy happiness.....yet having NO money can cause heartache and stress. That people are obsessed with money and accumulating MORE. Everyone always wants more more more.......that is why I love elsie! She gives everyone MORE inspiration, More ideas and never stops!!!! I want more ELSIE!!!!!

  10. You're so sweet Janel, that's a really selfless thing, and shows how generous you are. :)
    I feel like I've been constantly learning lately. With my business (the salon) I've learned that I need to be very patient with finances. I need to be reminded that Rome wasn't built in a day, and my salon can't be either... I need to rely on God during the times when business is slow, or employees are moving away. HE is in control, and I'm learning to remember that, always. :)
    xo holly

  11. I love this post. I wish I could have heard that sermon too. There's so many times that we get so stressed out over money. I get so angry with myself for letting it get to me so much because I KNOW that God is in control and He will always take care of us and provide what we NEED. You are a great witness of God's love, Janel. I am thankful to call you friend.

  12. i have learned to trust God more lately. i feel you when you say that you are not in a position to buy what you want... this week God blessed us by letting someone else by us groceries. was humbling... and a wonderful blessing :) so... yeah.

    i'm right there with you!


  13. I love your post , I think its a wonderful reminder to us all. I have learned that it is never to late to follow your dreams or work on who you are. I turned 40 in september and I am still growing and only recently discovered that I want to draw, so I am trying to learn this new skill.

  14. Janel...

    This was such a heartfelt post. I love it so much. And yes, I do sometimes feel like the pastor is talking directly to me!

    While it is a lesson that I have learned SO many times before, I have been relearning recently that life is about PEOPLE. I can have all of the stuff that I want, but if it keeps me away from the people that I say that I love (especially when those people need me) , it is not worth it! Life is waaaayyyyy too short to worry about THINGS.

    Love you, and you really are a HUGE encouragement to me!


    (p.s. I am totally rooting for you to be the next RVA girl! )

  15. i have never ever commented your blog before, but i read it all the time! :] what you are doing is so amazing, not to mention everything about the sermon is amazing. i love going to church and leave feeling inspired to do something great :]

    right now is a super difficult time for me; i'm in my senior year of high school. meaning, i'm trying to treasure the time i have left at my school and with my friends, while trying to get things done, and graduate. right now, i'm learning so much about what moving almost five hours away is going to be like. i'm a total daddy's girl, and the transition is going to be super hard for me. but all the same, it's exhilarating that i'll be on my own for the first time. it's tough. but i thank God every day for giving my family the means to let me leave home and achieve my dreams & goals :]

  16. Goodness! Janel, you are so wonderful!

    This semester I have been learning to be more patient when it comes to school. As a child I always struggled with school work and my confidence was just horrible. Now I have discovered some new techniques and surprisingly I am doing much better in college than I ever have. I just need to keep remembering to have patience and to take deep breaths when I feel frustrated. It helps a lot.

    Thank you for your generosity!

  17. Hmm...well recently I have learned that the world and God can work in mysterious ways. I interviewed for a job that was perfect for me, but they said I was too qualified and I didn't get it...I'm not sure what will happen now, but I think that God has bigger plans for me, and that is why I didn't get the job. I am trying to focus on the good things, and graduate from college in the spring and find a job that I truly love.


  18. This year has been the best so far when it comes to learning, I have learned how to live with other people (roommates for the first time!), how to balance full time work and school, and how to make time for my self in between. This is one of my favorite paintings by elsie for that simple fact that i feel like I am learning new things everyday.

  19. Awesome post, Janel! Isn't it the absolute best feeling when God shows us a way to grow and we go with it?! :-D I'm so stoked that you are seeking His guidance and I'm beyond sure that you will be blessed for it. And this lesson is so worth learning, for all of us! Not that we ever get to where we always make wise purchases, have a completely clutter-free home and are always uber-smart with money, but even taking major steps towards those goals can make for a much happier and more productive life! My goodness, God sure does know what's best for us when He teaches us things, doesn't He?!

    Oh golly, what am I learning? Definitely the lesson that you are learning, plus about four or five more! Haha! I'm learning how to manage a clean house a bit better (slow process). I'm learning how to express my creative side a bit more (I'm making my friends some Autumn cards). And I feel like I'm ALWAYS learning patience.

    And you can count me out of the giveaway...though it is a lovely painting I'm trying to be less cluttered too and I don't think I have room for it! Haha!

  20. I have learned that credit cards and me are not a good match! From now on, if I don't have cash to pay for something, I won't buy it.

  21. I learned that long distance relationships are hard but so worth it all. :)

  22. Here's what I've been learning lately: "GOD IS IN CONTROL!" Through many circumstances in my life, the Lord is helping me to realize that He is the One in charge - not me....and I'm glad!
    Love this give away, Janel. And, yes, you are a very giving person.

  23. I am learning that there are parishoners who really do listen to sermons and actually put them into practice! :)

    Janel, thanks for the "kudo's" and I just want to say you can really preach!!

    What a great ministry this blog is. My wife is an avid reader of your blog and she told me I needed to read this one. I enjoyed reading your post and all the comments!

    Pastor Mark

    P.S....I'm not preaching at you, I'm actually preaching at myself. (LOL)

  24. Janel - I heard a sermon about almost exactly the same thing a few weeks back and it has really helped me think through purchases. I'm glad you wrote about that today... reminded me to continue to do so.

    I have learned something money-related recently. Me and my husband have recently been learning to trust completely in the Lord especially with money. I used to worry a lot about whether or not we'd be taken care of but now I don't have to worry because so far God has never let me down and I know He never will. And He has blessed us more than I could ever ask for.

    And that is so awesome you are giving away this print. I was JUST looking at it before I came to your blog tonight and was thinking how much I liked it!

  25. I packed my suitcase, moved to Switzerland for 2 years and learned French (and so much more). It was daunting, but also taught me not to me afraid of anything that can be considered an adventure.

  26. Aw this is such a beautiful post Janel!... This is so true, sometimes we get so frustrated about money and forget that the simple things in life are free and can make you happy too, rather than going shopping you can take a walk, or something like that.

    What I learned (I'm still learning...) is actually that. My life was so different before I got pregnant and became a mom at 20...
    I'm learning to be a mommy, a good one.
    I'm learning to be patient...
    To enjoy life, enjoy sitting in my patio with her and watching every flower and every bird.
    To trust in God and his reasons every time I see pictures of my friends in parties and things I cannot be part of anymore...
    I'm learning to smile and keep it cool when she cries
    I'm learning that life changes and it's hard, very, but it doesn't mean it is a bad thing.

    I could go on.... for days. I'm still learning so much... :)

  27. Sounds like a wonderful sermon!

    Anyways, recently I've learned a great deal about the legendary journalist Walter Cronkite. I have been attending the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication for almost a year now, and just recently did I learn how truly important he was to our nation, and why my school was named for him. Two weeks ago we had a remembrance day to honor Walter, who passed away this summer, and after learning a great deal about his life, and his connection to our school, it made me realize even more how very lucky I am to be going to such a prestigious school. It has made me want to live up to Walter's standards for journalism so much more. He wasn't the most trusted man in America for nothing!

    Happy Sunday! :]

  28. Sounds like a wonderful sermon!

    Anyways, recently I've learned a great deal about the legendary journalist Walter Cronkite. I have been attending the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication for almost a year now, and just recently did I learn how truly important he was to our nation, and why my school was named for him. Two weeks ago we had a remembrance day to honor Walter, who passed away this summer, and after learning a great deal about his life, and his connection to our school, it made me realize even more how very lucky I am to be going to such a prestigious school. It has made me want to live up to Walter's standards for journalism so much more. He wasn't the most trusted man in America for nothing!

    Happy Sunday! :]

  29. I am learning patience. Well God is teaching me patience or trying to. And along with that I am desperately trying to hear Gods voice in what I am supposed to do and where I am supposed to be I moved 14 hrs away from home 7 months ago and maybe I am supposed to go back now, I think thats what he's telling me but I am not sure so... God is teaching me alot of things and through this he is teaching me strength. "Be strong and courageous for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9.

    I think what you are doing is just wonderful. And yes you do very much have a giving heart and that is beautiful just like you.

    love and blessings

  30. (I had problem posting this comment so if it repeats, please delete one)

    I realized this weekend that I am more patient something that I was not, but that I learned thanks to my 2 year old daughter. She has made me stop and enjoy many things that otherwise I would had missed :)Like this weekend, she said "mommy trees dancing". So, we stood together at out patio door admiring the trees.

  31. hi janel! what an awesome giveaway, and i really love how you retold about the sermon....money is something that so many people struggle with (including myself!) and it is always so encouraging/challenging to hear more stories/sermons etc on how to place priorities/values, especially when it comes to money.

    something that i have really been thinking about lately, and has been near to my heart is just cherishing family and friends, and making memories and enjoying the daily things that make life what it is. some of my extended family are dealing with serious medical issues, and it is difficult to see, but it truly makes me step back and appreciate the times/memories we have shared, and encourages me to keep in communication and spend time with all the family and friends that i can. sure, there are sometimes when it is good to rest and have alone time to recharge, but i am trying to put in more of a conscious effort to spend quality time with loved ones, and to have fun! enjoy the everyday! enjoy the little and the big! seriously think about major decisions, but at the same time, don't take everything seriously! love everyone, and give give give...of time, energy, money....people appreciate it so much and it is such a gift to people when people do things lovingly for them.
    anyways, that is just something that i have been thinking a lot about lately, and trying to put an effort into.

    thanks for making me think janel!!!

  32. Wow, this post hit home because this is something -I- need to work on... I have learned in this past year that no matter where we are God will always love us and will always look out for us, he will not forsake us. Your post was just what I needed to read. Thanks for always being such an inspiration!!

  33. i am learning how to be vulnerable again, how not to run out of money, how to sew&how to crochet, how to show the extent of my love, how to productively manage my time&how to find time to relax, how to blog (!), and last--how not to be lonely.

  34. i'll tell you what lady love... something i just learned was reading your post. it is sooo true! i'm totally going to do this too! thank you sooo much! i <3 our friendship and all the loves i've made thru the amazing online world!
    THANK YOU for opening my eyes and heart!

  35. wow you are truly a giver, that's for sure!

    i'm learning everyday. Recently (the past 1-2 years) I've learned that we have to live our day to the fullest. have to love each day, and tell our loved ones everyday that we love them.
    I was in a car accident. i survived! but it couldnt got alot worse. Thats why i learned that lesson! it's just bad we have to realise these things, a little before it's to late.
    So I have learned alot since the accident!

  36. This is such a great things your doing. I recently learnt that it's harder to change some things than you think it is. I've been having a bit of a tough time recently with work and money and have been doing all these things to try and change my situation for the better but none of them seem to be working.
    I came to the realisation the other day that it's me that needs to change first. I need to be more positive and enthusiastic about changing. It's also raised a few issues I have with my faith and I've realised it's about time I trust in the plan God has for all of us - He'll help us out when we least expect it. (I'm getting a bit teary here, hehe).
    I love your blog and your passion for creativity. You are truly an inspiration to me.

  37. Janel, I admire you for being so open about a struggle you have. I just bought this sweatshirt from a store called C28 (c28.com) and it's all about the same verse! Here is the link: http://www.c28.com/shopping/productdetails.asp?recordid=12309

    And yes, there have been many times when I know that God is working through my pastor to speak directly to my heart. It's such an amazing feeling!

    I'm in a clinical psychology graduate program at a Christian school. As I learn how to work with people from all different walks of life, I am also asked to integrate my faith into my practice as a future therapist. I've been struggling with how to give clients a safe place to grow in their struggles and put my own values aside. I know that my gift is to be a helper to others, but at the same time it has been difficult for me to understand how I am going to be able to accept people who live a different lifestyle than what I would choose for myself. Through the help of my professors, prayer, and experience, I'm slowly learning that my gift is not to have the judgment of God but the compassion of Christ. It has been a HUGE lesson for me that I continue to grow in.

    I love that painting of Elsie's and look at it often on the RVA website. It has a lot of meaning for me, especially at this time in my life. Thanks for the chance to call it my own! Also, thank you for sharing your struggle with money and letting as all share what we're trying to improve in our own lives.

  38. i´m learning to be a food coach at the moment...and theres a whole lot to learn, not only about the food itself, but how to coach people and help them to be healthier...

    your giveaway is cool, as there are some apples in the picture, how perfect for a food coach...! ;-))

  39. wow! very generous of you :) i'm in the process of learning an important lesson about how things don't always turn out the way you plan for or the way you expect them to. you have to

  40. Janel, you are one of the sweetest most generous gals I know- and I've never even met you! Thank you as always for your energetic infectious personality that shines through every single post, no matter what you are saying or sharing with us readers. I'm sorry I don't say this more or enough because you are a wonderful - I hope someday (maybe when I get over towards RVA store/Elsie land) I'll get to meet you!!

    I adore this painting of Elsie's (that series-the ones she made like that one during that point in time) are some of my all time favorites of hers, and I'd be honored and blessed to own it myself.

    I hate change; when I was younger I used to cry when my family would go on vacation because I wasn't at home with my things, my tv, my activities, my routines, etc. -

    this year i have grown alot; I started Ohio State just over a year ago (late June 2008), had my parents + sister move away from me + my brother (20 mins away), me away from my family for the whole summer (in NY for 3 or so months), job hunting+getting all summer (1/2 of the trip was working on getting a job, the other half was actually having the job), living with my brother, my parents preparing my house I've lived in since I was 15 (I'm now 24) for sale, moving with my brother to an apartment whenever the house is sold, making friends (not easy for me!) at school, changing my major, struggling emotionally & mentally through my college coursework, having a long distance relationship with my boyfriend of 2+ years, my boyfriend deciding to move/clean up his stuff/give up lease on his apartment 2-3 weeks before I left for the summer, navigating through life in general.

    I'm sure there are many many more things I am forgetting, all the same I can look at change as something I might like or not like, but that I can deal. I can handle it. No matter what I don't let it debilitate me, to have it STOP my life. It doesn't paralyze me.

    Thank you, again Janel. xoxoxo.

  41. For my birthday I asked for a sewing machine. So I have spent the last few months learning how to use it.

    Yesterday, I learned how to knit!

    And today, I'm going to teach myself how to make valances for my kitchen windows. I'm going to make them in halloween holiday fabric and then make curtains for all the other seasons too so my kitchen will change with the seasons.

  42. I have learned that God can change my heart and desires. We had been talking in our Sunday School class about God's plans vs. our plans. I am a planner. I had plans for when would be a good time for us to have another baby...years from now. God kept sending me little signs and then bigger signs that MY plan was wrong. So, I changed my heart (through lots of prayers and tears) and after the first month of trying to conceive, we have!!! Before it has taken us months! I am so grateful to God for speaking to my heart and teaching me it's His plan that is important, not mine!

  43. What a great thing!

    I learn something new everyday I am really working on patience with other people right now!

  44. Hi Janel, that is super sweet that you are giving away such a treasured piece.

    Something that I've learned recently, is that sometimes, you have to let go of friends and people that are holding you back. I had a friend who just constantly just used me for things and it'd cause me so much stress. But I had to realize that the friendship was not worth all the grief and realized that it was not worth it in the end.

  45. I have learned so much this year:

    1) to trust my life to God

    2) to believe in myself

    3) and to recognize between need and want and this has really been difficult. But I'm working on it.

    Thank you for reminding me of these things/goals.


  46. Janel this post couldn't of come at a better time for me! I am in the middle of trying to clean out the "clutter" from my life and it is hard! I too tend to buy things that I really want but don't need. Then they end up sitting in a corner for awhile before I even get around to doing something with it. I went through a rough patch with finances when I got out of my last relationship and it has taken me two years to learn how to live with out credit cards. It has been the most amazing process! And I encourage everyone to try it!

    I think this painting is a perfect giveaway!

  47. you're the sweetest person. like um, ever.

    i've recently learned that it's silly i've been scared of cooking all these years. i'm actually pretty good!!

  48. Wow Janel. You are an amazing person. Thank you for sharing Gods love and standing for Him.
    I am learning every day to trust in Him, with everything. From decisions of the heart, to deciding what kind of clothes to buy. He is in control, not me.

  49. First, I L.O.V.E. your blog (especially this post).
    Second, I recently learned how to knit these adorable fingerless mittens. I'm so proud because it's one of the first projects I actually finished without unraveling. :-)

  50. Wow! Such a wonderful post! It's nice to see other bloggers out there that aren't afraid to talk about God and their Christian life. Your post is very inspiring. I know we need to do the same.

    Something I have learned or picked up recently would be embroidering. I just started it about a month ago and love it! I want to start learning how to knit now.

  51. oooh, i love your vlogs! they always make me smile!

    being a poor college student is sort of a blessing regarding all of this: i rarely ever have the money to buy things i don't need. but every now and then, it is nice just to get yourself something.

    and dude, i'm always learning (no pun intended, because i seriously am--but don't enter me! i want someone else to win this!!).

  52. oh wow :O amazing!

    i have recently learned that friends are not always friends and that it's hard for me to find "real" friends. the ones you can lean on through good and (even more) through bad times. there's only one person in my life who really knows all my ups and downs. and i am glad that this one is my boyfriend. i needed to learn to trust and let go. and it's still hard for me, but he tries to make it easy.

    it's an everyday-challenge, but i know, it's worth it.

  53. I love this post.
    i'm currently reading a book by frances chan and it's speaking so loudly to me, and only me it seems.

    i'm currently learning how to keep a balanced life of cleanliness and organization. i'm newly married and trying to juggle a successful blog, bible studies, friends, a clean and orderly home, and a marriage, it's hard at first, but getting the hang of it!

  54. I have learned about embroidering felt. I love it! It's my favorite medium to work with.

  55. I have learned about felt embroidery. I love felt! It's my favorite thing to work with. I recently did a business card holder and eyeglass case.

  56. What a great idea! I absolutely LOVE reading your blog and keeping up to date with your latest crafting projects.

    In fact, lately I've been learning to set aside more time for me and the projects and activities that I want to try. I have been learning to be a bit more confident in my abilities at photography, crafting and even teaching, and internalizing the positive responses from others instead of just brushing them off. I have learned to share my projects with others through my blog and have actually started giving away my crafts to friends and family, believing for once that someone might see them not as the collage a first grader might make, but an actual piece of art.

    Thank you for the opportunity to share this!


  57. hehe Our giveaways kind of go hand in hand!

    The last thing I learned was the daisy stitch. I am loving working on these pillow cases that were someone else's unfinished project. My mom and I picked the pair up at a flea market that a local church has- everything is donated and sold for whatever they can get. We got them for 50 cents but I always just give them whatever bill I have since it's for a church really and they always way undervalue their goods.

    Well one of the pillow cases was done but the person didn't follow the directions and used up all the thread so I had to match the color to do the 2nd one.

    I'm learning tons of new stitches and finishing a great present for my mom!

  58. something i have recently learned....

    i have learned that when i don't focus enough on being thankful for my family and friends, something will inevitably happen to put me in check. i got a little bit too comfortable. and then there was the recent potential health problem of a family member, which turned out to be an unnecessary scare (thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU), but its just a good check on myself to remember to cherish those who are close to me, and to really and truly think about how LUCKY i am. all the time. because i am. and i was recently reminded of that.

  59. omg you have 58 comments :) how lovely.

    something i have learned...learning everyday.

    i learned that i am the only one to change things. i have to take the steps to get where i want to be. it is a tough journey, but it has to be.


  60. Awesome give away! This year, I have learned / am learning how to be a mommy to my new little boy :)

  61. That is my favorite painting of Elise's! I have a tile print of it in my room to remind me not to get ahead of myself; it's okay to learn.

  62. Oh, and I forgot to tell you what I'm learning!
    In the past month, I've learned:
    -Basic communication in American Sign Language.
    -How to use a fire extinguisher.
    -I can't fix every problem, but ultimately, if I love others like Jesus would, I'm doing what God's called me to do.
    -God keeps His promises to His children.
    -Pettiness is beatable.

  63. 62 comments?????
    You've got your own congregation!!

  64. Coming close to graduation, I have learned that I need to work harder at achieving my goals towards getting the job that I want if I plan to pay my student loans back. I need to stop slacking off and work harder.

  65. I learn: I cannot have everything (because then I have a full house and no fun with the things) but I can dream and maybe one day I have everything I need for my life.


  66. What a great blog post and giveaway! And you have gotten a lot of thoughtful comments. :-)
    The last days I have learned that taking advice from others is great, but in the end I have to ask myself what I want. And I may or may not follow the advice I got. I have also learned that if I am patient and can wait for a while, good things will come! I used to think that only bad things happened to me, but now I belive in the good things instead, and my life is so much better. :-)

  67. PippiPebbles13 October, 2009

    I learned recently that maybe I should change my life completely. That I have to be more important to me, that not everybody has to like me and that I'm not able to do good for everybody. Which sometimes can be kinda hard! Love elsie and her paintings!

  68. I've been learning the same thing lately. We just had so much stuff that we didn't even like or use anymore. I hate the regret of missing out on something you really wanted, but it feels good to know you made the right choice not buying something.

  69. Wow, this is so convicting! What an awesome testimony of trusting God with everything! I have been learning to trust God and others - a long journey so far! I have had a lot of heartbreak in my life and through God's healing, he has been teaching me to trust.

  70. Hey honey! What an awesome giveaway!!! I have learned that kids don't know or care if money is low all they care about is the time that you spend with them. I just wish everyone would be like this, I hate it when people expect you to waste money on useless items, and get upset when you say no thanks!

    I'd rather spend the day building a fort with my daughter and boyfriend than shopping... The memories we create are priceless.

  71. this is a lovely post. you always have something wonderful and inspiring to write! i think that's great...and is one of the reasons why i lovelovelove your blog!!

    i love that painting. it is such a good motto because really, we are always still learning. til the day we die.

    for me, i've learned recently that i want to keep learning. i've decided to go back to school in september and that is a huge decision for me (again, back to the money thing...hehe) but i'm going to make it worth cause it means something to me!!

    love ♥

  72. Its like a self portrait!
    I appreciate this giveaway, everyone wins a good lesson :)

  73. Hello! Janel, my name is Guadalupe and I'm from Mexico and frequent your blog and the KJV that are fantastic all, reading your post a few days ago I agree sometimes feel that everything goes to you and like you I have had the experience of having changes in life and very important as what you say stop thinking so much on money and to grow emotionally, spiritually and intellectually, but I've worked hard to go there, the changes do not occur so easily and when I give my catechesis express what I see that little by little along with my groups I am changing for the good of the family, community and for my own good.
    And the most visible change is that I had to quit being so Awful and be shared has not been easy, but you can

    life is wonderful, you still enjoy second to second
    greetings from Mexico

  74. Hello! Janel, my name is Guadalupe and I'm from Mexico and frequent your blog and and blogs of the girls RVA that are fantastic all, reading your post a few days ago I agree sometimes feel that everything goes to you and like you I have had the experience of having changes in life and very important as what you say stop thinking so much on money and to grow emotionally, spiritually and intellectually, but I've worked hard to go there, the changes do not occur so easily and when I give my catechesis express what I see that little by little along with my groups I am changing for the good of the family, community and for my own good.

    And the most visible change is that I had to quit being so Awful and be shared has not been easy, but you can life is wonderful, you still enjoy second to second

    greetings from Mexico

  75. First of all I LOVED your post. I love my church and my pastor and this is something he has totally taught on before! Second, I don't feel like I am still learning, this year has been more "I've started learning"... My best friends and I are starting a business together and I have come face to face with the fact that I am 28 and I have finally started to grow up ... yes, it's true :)

    I haven't read your blog before (will do so now), but I know we've taken some of Elsie's online Classes together (love them).


  76. You totally are giving :) you saw that I loved that cupcake book and had two and gave me one! And now I get to make cupcakes to make my family and friends smile! It's a domino effect! Thank you again :)
    I love knowing there's gals out there with huge hearts!

  77. What a great post and love love love the painting! I've learned a lot recently. I've learned not to worry so much, because the problems that come along in life are not always the ones you expected. I'm going through a big life change and I'm learning I'm stronger than I thought I was.

    Love your blog and inspiring post.

  78. this is sooo sweet of you! (i found your blog from the rva chat) i have been learning more about what it means to have a relationship with God. i have been going to a college bible study recently and it has made a big impact on me.

  79. i was really moved by your post! what a wonderful perspective. i think the most recent thing i've learned is to live in the now, because you can't change the past or predict the future. i'm not very religious but your post has made me think, so thank you!

  80. Wow. I really needed to read this right now. THank you so much for sharing what you learned/thought about in church. That is awesome. I was ready to write a wonderful thank you comment even before i saw your giveaway. Holy Cute! OK, I am learning (still) that it will all be OK. I always seem to want to know exactly what OK will be. Like a definition or something. But I am trying to learn to take just one day at a time, and to really just let things go. It will all be OK. In any situation, even if you get the worst possible outcome, it will still all be OK. Because as long as we keep Christ in our lives, we will be OK.

  81. hope i'm not too late to get in on this. spent a year in portland learning about montessori training & getting my certification. now i'm learning how to put it all into action...all the while learning to give myself and my assistant some grace as we navigate our new roles and ultimately stumble and succeed along the way.



Thank you so much for commenting!! xo