07 October 2009

what's the secret password?

Did you know that there is a Where The Wild Things Are fort bulding contest?? Oh yes there is!! I am soooo excited. To get more information on the contest you can click here.
Here is what I know though, from the site:
"Where The Wild Things Are is filled with references to building a world out of things from your everyday life and that’s exactly what we want you to do!
We want you to create a fort! Use garbage bags, tree branches, tablecloths, prosthetic limbs, wood, gold, whatever you got!
Winner gets a “Wild Things” Edition XBOX plus a magnificent bus shelter-sized Where the Wild Things Are poster not available in stores!
Contest ends next Monday (October 12th), so get on it!"

Here are some fort pics, also from the website, to help inspire you in your fort building :)

Man, I soooooo want to do this. If you decide to do this (I KNOW some of you could make a really really rad fort) please leave me a comment with a link so that I can see a picture of it!!!


  1. ok. so this is officially the coolest. i can't wait to see the other submissions!!

  2. We missed you at Women's Bible Study tonight!

  3. i want to, but don't think i have the energy... :( busy busy rest of the week... wish we lived closer... we could make one together :D



  4. This looks sooooo fun! I've been thinking about building one, wonder if I'll have the creativity and the guts to actually do it! :-)


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