01 October 2009


This will be THE post that will document my trying to do a granny square again!! I will be documenting with my words and with photobooth. (I have been painting all day so I kind of look yucky btw)
Here I am, attempting it again...

This is me 20 minutes later after watching the video a bazillion times..

* Now, I am thinking maybe a video tutorial isn't the right thing for me so I searched for other tutorials and found this one

* After re-reading the whole thing a couple times, I am giving it a shot!!

Ok, it has been another 20 minutes and I actually have something coming off of this hook that actually looks like something!!!!

This is where I screamed to Adam because I was sooo excited. I also jumped up and did a little dance :)
It sooooo isn't right but I think I am least "getting it" better.
Now I am going to cut this off and put it in a journal and start all over again with my newly discovered skills and hope to actually get a square!!
This is progress I think :)


  1. yay for some sort of success--that's exactly how i'm viewing my whole learning process! if it comes out in some sort of connected shape, i know i'm doing something right!

  2. omg -- you are so cute! i love it!
    good luck with the granny square.
    im so intimidated by them that i dont even want to try.

  3. good for you!! you can totally do it. :)

  4. Yay! I am so glad you go it. Us Aries are determined people and will keep trying until we get it right :)

  5. Go Janel go! :D

    what color scheme are you using? :)

    Mine are black and grey :O its so hard to crochet with black yarn X(

  6. Wish I looked that good after painting all day!

  7. You're so stinkin' cute! You can dooooo it!!!!

  8. You are doing it!! Yes!

    Now I don't know the correct terms to use, but from your photo it looks like you are adding stitches on every chain (so you have lots of large squares).
    Do your 3 chains, then add your extra stitches, then 3 chains, then add your extra stitches...do this 4 times and you have your first square with 4 big holes on the ends.
    I hope this makes sense...and if anyone is reading this comment and I am wrong, please correct me.
    You are doing awesome.

  9. Thanks for posting the picture tutorial link. It helps to see the action "frozen" now that I've watched the videos (which were a bit overwhelming).

    Keep on keeping on!!!

  10. Yay Janel! You are getting closer! Keep up the great work!


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