04 October 2009

monday inspirations...

This Monday is just going to be a random mix of things I am loooving right now :)
* You don't have to be a baby to have a cute mobile right? I think that mobiles can be an awesome art piece in a corner of a room, above your creation station, on your patio, etc.
Here is a pretty mobile that I found browsing Etsy :D
The Bird Mobile

* I am also loooooving this print from this shop:

* This cuuuuute badger plushie found here:

* Crissy's gorgeous granny chic clutch :)

* This picture that Vivianna posted from her weekend:

* Turning a bowl of granny squares and balls of yarn into my favorite fall decoration thus far :D

happy happy happy happy monday <3
Create something pretty!


  1. Love the Mobile! You should so do one with the pretty cranes you created! and I am jealous you mastered the granny and I am still in the oval with a tail stage that I can not overcome..=(

  2. You did it!!
    I am so proud of you Janel!

  3. awww I love that mobile!! Im still in the - I will make a mobile for my daughter- mood. (after 7 months ha!) someday. maybe when she's like 5 I will make one!!


    yay granny square bowl go janel!

  4. I love your granny squares!

  5. Love your bowl of granny squares and yarn!!

  6. ooh, i want to see what you're making with all of your pretty yarn and granny squares!

    i got your crane on friday-it's the cutest thing ever, and it's sitting on my tv until i find the perfect place for it. i love your business card by the way.

    dude, i dreamt about making granny squares thats how obsessed i've become.

  7. loving/missing your smile of the last picture with the granny square bowl... i want to see you SO BAD!

  8. I got my paper crane! THANK YOU! It is so pretty and I think I might make a few more and frame them. loveliness! you granny bowl rocks btw.

    thanks for the granny clutch shout out. :o)

  9. Wow you have churned out so many granny squares already! I am very impressed, can't wait to see what you are making with them...I'm kinda hoping its a fall garland!! :)


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