30 October 2009

a week in the life of janel-day three

I think that I officially am bad at this project. I actually forgot mid-way through the day yesterday! I will go ahead and post what I have and work hard to do better today...promisecakes <3

woke up at 6:30 am and the only light is the glow from my laptop as I read my daily blogs :)

I need this first thing in the morning to survive 400 children. I am down to only one and a half of these a day though. That is progress!

listened to my favorite "get pumped for the day" CD from from my sweet friend Jenny <3

I decided to take my fall boquet from yesterday and write little messages on them with my white pen and then throw them out my window onto the playfround for kiddos to find (idea from Elaine).

I actually had two students come in to show me that they found special leaves with messages on them at recess!! They were sooooo cute. It's our little secret that I wrote them ok??
**That is officially all I had for yesterday.
After that I had a crazy day at school the rest of the day.
* Got home and read Alice in Wonderland
* watched some Disney Channel
* crocheted
* baked my new mug
* ate a salad and a chocolate chip cookie
* watched "Someone Like You"
* watched Project Runway and Models of the Runway
* Trained my brain on my DS
* browsed the RVA update...love!
* crocheting all the while
* snuggled with my man
* sleep at midnight :)

Today I will try super hard to do better.
Today should actually be a really fun day!
I decided that I am going to be a Day of the Dead calavera for Halloween.
I am actually copying my sister, she's so cool like that.
I was inspired by this pic as well:

I will definitely take pictures of the finished look tomorrow :)
**On a side note, as much as I like rain, it hasn't stopped, it seems like, since September!!

Can someone please send some sunshine my way :)
Thank GOD it's Friday is all I have to say.
Have a great one!
Show me some comment love, I need it today :)


  1. Oh that is such a sweet idea with the leaf-messages!!! I'm going to try it on my niece and nephew...
    Awesome costume inspiration too! x

  2. oooh that is such a sweet idea with the leaves! If you find any of that sunshine send some this way as well! I could use some!

  3. those leaves...so precious :) and I am getting sick & tired of the rain myself! Happy Friday!

  4. we dont have leaves like that in AZ!! totally wish we did. so beautiful!! i'd probably frame them! hehe

  5. the leaf messages are so sweet! and that is an awesome costume idea!!

  6. Sending some Costa Rican sunshine your way (:!

    I LOVE that you are dressing as a calaca <3 my gosh they are so pretty! I can't wait to see your pics! :) xo!

  7. I was doing the week in the life but had to stop yesterday. What a doozy of a day I had!! I've been reading them all and it's really interesting seeing what people get up to!

  8. putting the leaves in a playground was a great idea! I saw that idea on elaine's blog too. I love cute quirky day brighteners like that :) Currently, my friend and I are writing quotes/drawing pictures on little slips of paper. once we have enough (1,000+) we're putting them in every locker after school one day :)

  9. I am a teacher as well. I get up at 6:00 a.am and read my blogs each morning. I am sooo addicted it wakes me up slowly with awesome inspiration!

  10. I am a teacher as well and I have the same morning routine. I wake up at 6:00 and read my daily blogs!!! It is my addiction and morning routine!

  11. It has been raining here constantly and it feels forever, but it is must likely close to 2 weeks! I agree sunshine come out come out wherever you are...

  12. loooove the leaf messages!
    almost as much as i love you! :)


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