07 October 2009

lists <3

Ok, lists, lists, lists. My most favaorite thing about lists, is crossing things off of them :) Like for real. So, I thought I would cross some items off of my October Goals List today: (I totally wish I knew how to do strikethrough on here?!)

1. Reach 185 followers on my blog (you can totally help me with that :D)
2. Find a cute Halloween costume for myself, Adam, and Catalina
3. Find my sister the perfect house warming gift (does a purse count??)
4. be the best Maid of Honor
5. Finish my sister's peacock quilt before her wedding (October 17)
6. Finish the give-a-way quilt (it's soooo almost done :D)
7. make plans for Adam's family to come and visit
8. send out loads of Happy Mail
9. re-paint our hallway
10. get curtains for the living room
11. crochet a granny square
12. get red highlights
13. Be a blessing to others as much as possible
14. Read two books
15. Be healthier
16. go to a pumpkin patch
17. carve a rad jack-o-lantern
18. wear my hair curly more :D

* A huge thank you to those recent followers who helped me reach my goal :) Wouldn't it be soooo awesome to have 200 by 2010? I would be the happiest blogger ever!!

* In other news, today I made a polaroid Welcome Banner (from Elsie's tutorial):

I'm in the process of re-doing the hallway ( #9 on my list) and entryway with a cute little "Welcome" theme. Pictures are a promise. P.S. I want to be an RVA girl someday :) Don't you?

* My home-skillet Jamie is having a week long blog party. You should definitely check it out.

* I have been reading Stephanie's blog for years and she is actually going to be on Oprah today!

Her story is amazing, if you aren't a reader yet, you must start.

* Ok, I am also soooo excited because I am getting a new phone tonight!!

Some of you may remember the Phone Tradgedy of September 2009. Yikes. I neeeeed a new phone and I have wanted a new one for over a year now! Exciting :)

Happy Wednesday friends


  1. Can't wait to see your welcome banner!!! Yay for a new phone for you!!! Now we won't have to miss you all day long!!! ;) Can't wait to get home and watch Oprah!!! It better have recorded. My luck is the one day I really want it to record, something will go wrong. Let's hope not. I have an obsessions with lists myself. Sometimes I just write down things that I'm getting ready to do so I can cross them off. =)

  2. you can mark the one about you being a blessing off of the list--because you're seriously a blessing to know. you always cheer me up!!

    good luck on getting more stuff crossed off of your list!

    and for sure show us pictures of your new entryway/hallway when its all redecorated.

  3. i love lists! making them and crossing things off.

    hope this helps - here's how to do a strikethrough on your blog post (you have to edit in html):

  4. Oh I so would LOVE to be a RVA girl someday...a girl can only dream!
    I love love love list! I make one everyday, unfortunately I tend to have a touch of ADD and dont always get everything done. But it seams to me like you are making a good dent in yours and its only Oct. 7. Way to go! haha oh and you are totally a blessing so go ahead and cross that one off!
    blessings to you.

  5. I follow via RSS, not Google Connect, so you have an extra reader you don't know of! :)


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