10 October 2009

Blogging via iPhone :D

My phone and I are in love <3 like, for real! I think my MacBook is jealous, I never see her anymore. It's all good though.
Here are some lovely things in my life this beautiful Saturday morning:
* My canvas TOMS that I started embroidering in Springfield but never finished:

My goal is to have a huge bow on both pairs embroidered tonight :)
* My AMAZING fingerless mittens from Miss Indie. Seriously, you have noooooo idea how long I have wanted a pair of these, a hand-made pair, and I love them as much as I love my phone :D

I also got a scarf that matches!! They are both this amazing pumpkin color :)
* Ok, and I quote, "All I want to do is learn how to make a granny square, it's not like I would ever make an afghan or anything..."

yeah...totally starting an afghan :D I can't help it. It's an addiction and I readily admit it.
* lots and lots of origami cranes!

So far there are about 150 of them hanging in the hallway outside of my classroom. I am seriously going to try to make 1000 by the end of the school year, we shall see. I know I sent out about 100 more :)
* my sister and her upcoming wedding!!

We scored tons of pumpkins for 1.99 at Aldi's last night for some of her center pieces. You know those pumpkins are like $10 each at the pumpkin patch :) Her wedding is next weekend and it is going to be sooooo beautiful. Last night we made all of her hand-made programs (which are breath-takingly amazing) and her hand-made gift boxes and stuffed them with her beautiful gifts for each attendee. I can't believe my little sister is getting married!!!
BTW- I climed into this huge pumpkin box last night and crawled to the bottom to get this "perfect" pumpkin for her so I am officially crossing off "be the best maid of honor ever" off of my list :D ha!
* I am also currently making an autumn inspired wreath (inspired by Rachel's) that I will post pictures of when I finish it, promiscakes :)
Ok, it's date day so I must get back to the Mr. so we can finish watching our movie :)
I hope your Saturday is as beautiful as mine <3
I love love love you!!


  1. WOW! Loving your TOM'S shoes! LOVING!

  2. I love those fingerless gloves! I keep trying to make some but I never like the way they fit so I keep pulling it back apart... maybe I should just buy some... I'll keep trying though. And just so you know I love my origami crane! I put it up next to my Chinese fan that my brother brought back to me from China. <3

    And yes that would be totally awesome to hang out in Springfield!!

  3. Love your Toms. I really like the idea of the embroidery. Fun!

  4. LOL I hit the Aldi's pumpkin sale too but they would only allow 3 pumpkins per person. But they have the cheapest pumpkins around.


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