24 October 2009

a painting...

Elaine and I did a painting swap :)She is soooo cool! Her journals are sooo amazing, she should make a book for real.
Have you seen the painting that she made me?? It's amazing!!
I am in love with her style. It's hers and it's a favorite!! So, I was super excited when she had said that she wanted to do a trade!
Elaine is very recently engaged so I wanted to create a painting that would honor her engagement :) The lighting is yuck (surprise, surprise right)? I always finish projects at night and get way too excited and can't wait until the morning for a picture. Did you notice though that I usually go back and switch the pictures on my blog when I get natural lighted pics?? I'm cool like that.
Ok, without furthur ado...

Let me know what you think, I am very new at painting really and I would loooove to hear what you think about it. I especially want to hear from you Miss Elaine! :)
Ok, more crocheting and then off to sleep <3
nighty night friends


  1. WHOA! I loooove it! I'm so touched that you would choose to do something about my engagement too! I'm IN LOVE! this will be a PERFECT addition to my room and for such a special time in my life! I know RIGHT where I'm going to hang it too. <3

    thank you SO much. This has been FUN!

  2. that is really good janel!

  3. Awesome, Janel!!!! If you want to trade me with something I make for a painting of yours, just let me know!!! ;)

  4. Love the painting! I especially like the font you've used with the text. Have a great day (it's already midday Sunday here in the UK) x

  5. I love it, Janel! The lettering is toooooo cute, and I love the way that you used the fun color! I loved the autumn painting that you did a while back too. I think you are officially and excellent painter!

  6. i love it...i think you did a really good job!

  7. i love the diamond rain! too cute!


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