02 October 2009

jack-o-lantern inspo

So, one of my goals was to carve an aweosme pumpkin this year. Last year I had an Obama pumpkin and a Chanel pumpkin :) I have no pictures of them though. This year I am going to the queen of craft for my inspiration...Martha Stewart.
I browsed her website and here are some pretty pretties that are giving me great ideas:

I love love love the lacy looking ones :) The light green pumpkin is kind of dreamy!! I can not wait to hit the pumpkin patch in a couple of weeks!!
In other news, my sister and her fiance closed on there house and I was able to go and see it yesterday. It is amazingly perfect for them...Im a super proud big sister <3


  1. ooooo..the owls are super cute.
    but i still have the hello kitty one stuck in my head. its sooo cute!!

  2. omg aren't those great. she comes out with a halloween special magazine that shows you how to do them all. I think i am going to do the owl's, they are totally awesome! i also love her serpent that goes up the sidewalk, but i really can't afford to buy 30 pumpkins!

  3. These make me happy! The owls are my fave! I was looking for a pic like that yesterday!

  4. I was watching her halloween special and im also doing the Owls most likely they are super cute!!

  5. The owl ones are adorable, this is the first i've seen of these

  6. the lacy ones are super beautiful, and definitely my favorite. but the easier seeming (but still pretty!) alternative looks like ones with the flowers placed through the top--simple, but still very pretty.

    congrats to your sister and her fiance on the house!

  7. love love love the pumkins!!! thanks for sharing :)


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