13 October 2009


I decided to FINALLY jump on the 365 bandwagon :)
I also decided that I am going to do it a little bit differently though.
I have too many days of no makeup and comfy clothes to do it as a self-portrait challenge.
I decided to do a Crafty 365!
Each day I will take a picture of what I am creating that day. This way it will challenge me to document everything that I am making, and also challenge me to create daily (that shouldn't be hard :D)
So, here it is, 1/365:

Today I crocheted a ton of granny squares for the afghan I am hoping to make. I was sent home from work today with a fever (boo!) so I had a lot of time to sit around and crochet :)
I am super excited about this challenge and I would looooove if anyone else wanted to do this challenge as well.
I am going to be early tonight, and drinking fluids and eating popsicles. Say a little prayer for me, if that is something that you do. My sister is getting married on Saturday and I want to be well for it!!
thanks loves...


  1. Janel!!!! Those are awesome!!! Love the colors! I can't wait to see it all put together. I'm dying to try to crochet one of those babies but I'm skerred. ;)
    I think I may be in for this 365 challenge!!!! Funnnn!!!!!
    I'm praying for you, love!!!! Get some rest and take care of yourself!!! xoxoxo

  2. Janel,
    Love those granny squares - good job, girl! I'm praying you will feel better real soon.

  3. Your squares are looking awesome!! Can't wait to see the finished afgan! I hope you feel better soon!

  4. Many wishes of feeling better your way! And it is so happens that I started a granny afghan as well :) But, my timetable is very small, so I hope I can finish it on time...

  5. Did you get the red put in your hair?

  6. i'm sure it will make you feel better to know that your squares are gorgeous :).

    i really like your "twist" on the 365 project--and i agree with you about the too many days of pjs and no makeup!

    i hope you get to feeling better, especially since your sister's wedding is so soon--i know you'll be better!!

  7. Janet- I did not get my highlights :( I was sleeping and my mom figured I was too sick and they went without me. It's ok though :) I will get them sooooon!

  8. I'll say a little prayer that you get to feeling better soon! I cannot wait to check out your craftiness every single day!

  9. hey chicklet... feel better soon!

    what a great thing to do! i should try to do the every other day and see how good i do! :) ha!
    looove the idea!

    ok... i need to learn to crochet.. AND knit! those are perrrty!

  10. Praying for you, Janel! Hopefully you'll be all better in the next couple of days! :-)

  11. prayer is done! ;-)) hope you feel better! ;-)

  12. Feel better soon! I think it 365 challenge sounds fun!

    Love the granny squares

  13. Get well soon! I know how it feels to be home sick, but hey if you get to craft then it's not so bad :) I like the new challenge you're taking on. Good luck and can't wait to see all your projects.

  14. LOVE the granny squares!! I see a LOT of flowers and slippers here.....

    MacMamma :)

  15. feel better soon janel!

    your granny squares look *fantastic*

  16. Good luck on the challenge! I am certain you will rock it, you are a very driven and focused lady!
    Hope you are well now.


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